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Zweifel Seasoning Bundle 280 g

Brand: Zweifel

Why wouldn’t make your favorite dishes tastier with Zweifel Seasoning Bundle? You can choose between four different tastes – mustard, provencale, inferno, or paprika.

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Zweifel Seasoning Bundle

Why wouldn’t you make your favorite dishes tastier with Zweifel Seasoning Bundle? You can choose between four tastes: mustard, provencale, inferno, or paprika. A small addition of any seasoning can make a huge difference! Besides, you can use them every day without limitations! Take your meals to the next level!


Mustard Seasoning brings a unique feeling to the plate. Therefore, your potato dishes, salad dressings, vegetables, or fish dishes will taste a bit better. This seasoning is very popular at every celebration, barbecue, socializing, picnic, or any other event.


Give your dish an additional hot taste with Paprika Seasoning. This spice mixture is excellent for potato dishes, meat, sauces, French fries, and much more.


Original Provencale Seasoning brings that holiday feeling to your plate. Moreover, it enchants potato dishes, salad sauces, vegetable gratin, fish dishes, and much more. Therefore, almost any dish that you prefer will taste even better with this magnificent seasoning.

Zweifel Inferno Seasoning

As its name says, it is an inferno spice mixture suitable for different dishes. Hence, you can use it with French fries, different kinds of pasta, marinades, or a spicy meat sauce. In addition, it is suitable for all lovers of strong, spicy meals.

Seasoning is an absolute must-have in every kitchen, whether you are a professional chef or an amateur who loves to cook! Hence, don’t miss out on this tasty Seasoning Bundle, which can make your meal much tastier!

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