Rivella Elderflower Original 500ml


Rivella Elderflower Original is one of the most refined soft drinks. All-natural ingredients provide the most unique soft drink experience.

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Rivella Elderflower Original is a true soft drink experience. The surprising combination of Rivella and elderflower aromas brings even more variety into your everyday life.

This unique refreshing drink contains ingredients of natural origin. Also, there are no colorings or preservatives – all flavors are natural. Therefore, if you care about the quality of your soft drink, Rivella Elderflower Original is the way to go.

Sure, we all love Rivella classic taste, but the elderflower version is pretty unique. It refreshes and revives people in such an original way. To truly understand what we’re saying, you’ll have to try it! You won’t regret making such a decision.

Rivella history

Rivella is the most famous soft drink in Switzerland, and this brand is with us since 1952. With its unique taste, the Swiss soft drink brings refreshment and symbolizes the active lifestyle of Switzerland. This success story begins in 1950 when Robert Barth develops the original Rivella Red. He came up with a unique recipe using milk whey and a secret mix of herbal and fruit extracts. So, in 1952, he introduced the drink to Switzerland, and it immediately became a hit!

Milk whey and Rivella Elderflower Original

In the heart of the Rivella drink is milk whey. This flavor-neutral liquid contains minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and milk sugars. Anyways, depending on the variety, Rivella drinks contain 25-35% of it.

The unmistakable taste, however, lies in the unchanged mixture of natural fruit and herbal extracts. The recipe is strictly secret, and only a few people in the company know it.
Whenever possible, the company obtains materials exclusively from the domestic market. All products are manufactured in Switzerland without any added artificial preservatives or flavorings.

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Water, milk serum, sugar, carbonic acid, acidic (L (+) – lactic acid), caramelized sugar, natural aromas.


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