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Zweifel Extra Crunchy Chips Oriental Spices 110 g

Brand: Zweifel

Zweifel Extra Crunchy Chips Oriental Spices provides maximum taste and a touch of wanderlust thanks to fine oriental spices plus honey & saffron.


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Zweifel Extra Crunchy Chips Oriental Spices

Zweifel Extra Crunchy Chips Oriental Spices offers a taste you had no chance to experience before! KEZZ crisps are cut rustic with the skin & then deep-fried in portions until extra crispy. Combined with the wave cut, they provide maximum taste and a touch of wanderlust thanks to fine oriental spices refined with honey & saffron.

60 years ago, crispy success started

From the start, one thing was clear – only those who work with much love, care, and commitment can make the best chips and snacks. That includes the careful selection and processing of raw materials. That is why Zweifel uses selected ingredients for its products. In addition, the raw materials’ origin was always essential. For this reason, they only use potatoes from Switzerland when the harvest is good.

With their unique fresh service, Zweifel ultimately ensures that their chips, snacks, Zweifel Bio Chips, and other products are available everywhere and are always fresh and crunchy. That is why they are so popular at every party, barbecue, get-together, picnic, or other aperitifs.

Zweifel focuses on people – customers and employees as a Swiss family company. So they do everything for the best chips! Perhaps that’s why their chips have been the most popular in Switzerland for almost 60 years.

Furthermore, Zweifel actively seeks innovative ways to create new and exciting products, such as Zweifel Bio Chips. Hence, they take the input of their customers very seriously.

Zweifel products are always fresh and ready for consumption, everywhere and anytime. Please browse through our online selection and find what you need! Happy shopping!

Zweifel biochips are amazing and delicious. They are made from the highest quality ingredients and follow the best Swiss standards. Every bite will make your tongue tingle with delicious Swiss excellence. The pack is very lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere.

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Weight 0.350 kg

Potatoes, rapeseed oil 26%, spice preparation (sugar, spices (cumin, garlic, cumin, coriander seeds, turmeric, paprika, oregano, cayenne pepper, saffron 0.05%), salt 1.6% (Switzerland), maltodextrin, onions, tomatoes, yeast extract, flavoring, honey 0.1%, acidifier (citric acid)).


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