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Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bundle 300 g

The classic Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bundle is all about the original Swiss quality! Enjoy every bite of it, and of course, share beautiful Toblerone pieces with your dearest.

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Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, honey (3.0%), milk fat, almonds (1.6%), emulsifier (soya lecithin), egg white, flavoring. Milk chocolate: cocoa solids 28% minimum. Milk solids 14% minimum

Toblerone milk chocolate bundle Overview

Enjoy the classic Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bundle! You already know when it comes to Toblerone that it’s all about original Swiss quality. Therefore, glad your senses only with the best sweet taste.

Tobelarone milk chocolate contains some of the finest raw materials from around the world. Every bite of it is a unique piece of true beauty and quality.

The Toblerone history

As one of the most iconic chocolate bars in the world, Toblerone has a rich history.  Back in Switzerland, in 1908, Theodor Tobler and his cousin Emil Baumann invented the unique chocolate bar. Toblerone’s special recipe, triangular shape, and instantly recognizable logo are making this brand famous for all these years.

  • The Matterhorn only appeared on the packaging of the Tobelarone in 1970. However, not on the front, but initially only on the two sides of the head.
  • In 2000, there was a gentle redesign. The blue and white Tobler logo disappears, and the Matterhorn now appears on the packaging in its place.
  • In 2018, this internationally-renowned chocolate packaging with its prismatic shape and sweet triangular content celebrated its 110th anniversary. And one thing is sure – the unusual idea of creating pyramid-shaped chocolate was a resounding success and quite deserving of a packaging icon.  Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bundle is one of these more exciting packages.

Shape, material, and packaging of Toblerone

Besides the shape and the material, a packaging layout also plays an important role. The inventors of Swiss export success Toblerone also managed to create a name with a high recognition factor. And “Tobelarone ” is indisputably a combination of Theodor Tobler’s surname and Torrone – a nougat-like dessert.

The Toblerone packaging’s triangular cross-section is still the most critical element of the company’s brand. Customers immediately recognize the box’s striking shape, regardless of size (jumbo, tiny, etc.). Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bundle is the true represent of the evolution of this beautiful chocolate over the years.

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