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Swiss Dream Chocolate Truffles 150 g

Enjoy four magnificent flavors of Swiss Dream Chocolate Truffles! Each flavor has to tell you a specific Swiss made story. You’ll adore them all!

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Swiss Dream Chocolate Truffles

Swiss Dream Chocolate Truffles contain only the finest ingredients and milk from the Swiss mountains. Hence, we have four outstanding products, each of which has a specific flavor. Believe us, and you’ll adore them all!

Vodka Chocolate Truffles

Enjoy the powerful experience of meeting the sweetness of an exceptional ganache and the intense character of the Swiss vodka XELLENT®. Distillation, in the traditional manner, is the secret of quality. According to an age-old recipe, they combine pure water from the Titlis glacier and cereals from central Switzerland. Besides, they’re all wrapped in a delicious dark chocolate shell.

Milk chocolate truffles with bricelet nibs

Discover the subtle flavors of the Swiss tradition. You’ll be surprised by the sweetness of a creamy center. Besides, you’ll experience the crunch of pieces of the wafer, a veritable feast with Swiss butter, according to a traditional recipe from the foothills of the Swiss Alps.

Gin chocolate truffles

Explore the unique flavors of an audacious mixture of the sweetness of an exceptional ganache and the subtle taste of the Swiss gin XELLENT®. Traditionally, the secret of quality is the distillation from edelweiss flowers, Swiss mountain plants, and pure water from the Titlis glacier. Also, these are all wrapped in a delicious dark chocolate shell.

Meringues chocolate truffles

Experience the sweetness of the Swiss alpine foothills. Savor the delights of a creamy center combined with fragments of meringue, a subtle specialty of the canton of Fribourg. Also, they created the product according to the pure tradition of the original 18th-century recipes. Finally, the secret of its flavor lies in the preparation while it is cold. Hence, this is probably the most unique of all Swiss Dream Chocolate Truffles.

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