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Lindt Connoisseurs Truffles Marc of Champagne 120g


Truffles Lindt: creamy, delicate truffle filling Marc de Champagne surrounded by the finest Lindt chocolate. A chocolate ingenuity packed with delicious ingredients. Taste and share the divine dark chocolate smoothness with your loved ones. A must-have snack if you are a real chocolate lover!

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Lindt Connoisseurs Truffles Marc of Champagne

Lindt Connoisseurs Truffles creamy delicate truffle filling Marc de Champagne surrounded by the finest Lindt chocolate – an irresistible masterpiece of Confiseriekunst.

The pack of Lindt Connoisseurs Truffles can make everyone happy. And certainly more to the children! This swiss chocolate comes with wide assortments. For example, milk and peanut butter are quite common. However, the unique part is the extra dark chocolate it comes with.

Each box contains multiple Chocolate Truffles. Certainly enough to share with your loved ones. The box is unique and highly portable. Hence, it is an excellent item for gifting purposes. For example, the Lindt Connoisseurs Truffles will be the best gift for Springtime or Easter.

Lindt chocolate a result of passion and expert craftsmanship

Lindt chocolate follows a strict traditional recipe and highest quality standard. Hence you can always get the best quality. The unique chocolate offers distinct and smooth flavor. Moreover, a unique experience, quite hard to forget! And certainly crave for more. The high concentration of extra dark truffles makes this bitter. Hence, Lindt Truffles is a dream comes true for all those dark chocolate lovers!

Lindt Connoisseurs Chocolate is the final result of art, experience, and hard work. To make it short, it has been made to delight even the most discerning chocolate Connaisseurs! The company is well known for the use of only the finest ingredients. And most importantly, they invest a lot of resources to make the customer happy.

We are glad to have this product in our inventory. In addition to Connoisseurs Truffles, we do have other chocolate products in our stock. They are delicious. However, most importantly, they follow great Swiss quality standards.

To sum up, if you were looking for more chocolate products; we have got your back! Visit our product page here to find more Happy Shopping!

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