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Favarger Princess Avelines Pralines 200 g

Discover the luxurious taste of Favarger Princess Avelines Pralines, and let each bite take you on a gorgeous journey of refined flavors.

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Favarger Princess Avelines Pralines

Enjoy the regal delight of Favarger Princess Avelines Pralines, a prestigious chocolate treat that has become a symbol of the Favarger brand since its creation in 1922. This exquisite praline, known for its rich flavor and luxurious texture, is offered in three tempting varieties: Milk, Dark, and Praliné chocolate.

Each type of Favarger Princess Avelines Pralines provides a unique taste experience. The Milk Chocolate Avelines offer a creamy, comforting richness, while the Dark Chocolate Avelines cater to those who desire a deeper, more intense cocoa flavor. The Praliné Chocolate Avelines, with their nutty, smooth finish, provides a delightful complexity that praline lovers will savor.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine chocolates or simply looking for a special treat, Favarger Princess Avelines Pralines promise a taste of Swiss confectionery excellence. Perfect for gifting or enjoying on your own, these pralines embody the tradition and craftsmanship that Favarger has been celebrating for nearly a century.

Discover the luxurious taste of Favarger Princess Avelines Pralines, and let each bite take you on a journey through the rich history and refined flavors of one of Switzerland’s most cherished chocolate creations.

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Ingredients: sugar, HAZELNUTS (24%), ALMONDS (13%), whole MILK powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, bourbon vanilla. Minimum solids in the chocolate: Cocoa 26%/milk 16%. May contain traces of soya


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Favarger Princess Avelines PralinesFavarger Princess Avelines Pralines 200 g
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