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Frey Freylini Assorted Chocolates 180 g

Frey Freylini Assorted Chocolates is a special selection of mini chocolate bars with exquisite filling. Perfect for snacking, sharing and enjoying.

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Frey freylini assorted chocolates Overview

Swiss-made chocolates don’t need any extra certification to prove their deliciousness and unique tastes. There are several incredible Swiss chocolates out there that can offer you the fantastic experience that you crave, like Frey freylini assorted chocolates.

Enjoying Frey Freylini assorted Chocolate is a real bundle of pleasure. The Swiss chocolates are small. However, they come with superb fillings. The colorful little Freylini with their exquisite fillings are so lusciously tempting, and it’s almost impossible to stop at one. Besides, the bright bag is perfect for snacking, sharing, and enjoying. Moreover, you can bring a pack or two to your convenience. It doesn’t take a lot of space and is not heavy at all. Therefore, these Swiss chocolates can be a great companion for outdoor trips.

These Swiss chocolates come in two variations to ensure your taste buds won’t get bored! Choose between Freylini Crisps and Freylini Nuts – both variations are excellent and delicious.

The brand behind

The Freylini cholates are made by well-recognized Swiss chocolate maker Frey. They have been serving the chocolate industry for decades, and therefore they have a huge experience in this business niche. Their expertise and carefulness make every product incredibly delicious and high quality. If you were looking for Swiss chocolate to have the best experience, you could get it here.

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Additional information

Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Frey Freylini Assorted Crisps Chocolate 180 g
Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, palm oil, cocoa mass, coconut oil, skimmed milk powder, hazelnuts, sunflower oil, whey powder, almonds, emulsifier: soy lecithin, rice flour, corn grits, natural flavors, buckwheat flour, whole grain rice flour, pure butter, table salt, vanilla seeds.

May contain gluten, eggs and traces of other nuts

Frey Freylini Assorted Nuts Chocolate 180 g
Sugar, cocoa butter, hazelnuts, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, coconut oil, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, pure butter, natural flavors.

May contain almonds, eggs, gluten and traces of other nuts


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