Kambly Biscuit With Cailler Frigor Chocolate 125 g

Brand: Kambly

Cailler Frigor chocolate with soft-melting hazelnut and almond cream meets crispy, fine Petit Beurre Kambly biscuit. Two Swiss classics are merging into the double-quality Kambly biscuit.

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Swiss Cailler frigor chocolate Overview

Swiss Cailler Frigor chocolate with soft-melting hazelnut and almond cream meets crispy, fine Petit Beurre Kambly biscuit. Coming from the land of milk and honey, the Cailler chocolate is an exceptional product loved by everyone irrespective of their age and profession. A combination of delicate newly roasted creamy nuts, and chocolate milk, will delight your taste-buds. Both Swiss luxury and exceptional quality are there.

Cailler Frigor chocolate History

Frigor was made over decades ago by NoÎl Cailler. It is a Swiss luxury product composed of other ingredients of almond cream, fresh milk as well as roasted hazelnuts. Regardless of decades-old heritage, its popularity has never faded. The years of expertise int the baking field even made this product more delicious and tasty. And still today, it remains one of the best sellers of the Swiss chocolate.

The ingredients of Cailler Frigor

The Frigor chocolate contains 50% milk chocolate with almond filling in a creamy hazelnut. It has a minimum of 36% solid Cocoa and 14% milk solids. The Cailler Frigor is unique. The consistency of different blends makes it amazingly delicious. Milk chocolate melts on the outside, and you will feel the creamy filling of hazelnuts and almonds inside—a genuinely Swiss masterpiece. The Frigor chocolate comes within a good design box. You can use these as a gift to your friends or loved ones for any occasion. There’s nothing like Swiss Cailler Frigor chocolate. It has lovely and incomparable soft hazelnut and almond cream centre and smooth milk chocolate shell. Also, it’s a Cailler classic that has stood the test of time.

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