Hug Christmas Cookies 300 g

Brand: Hug

Every day is a holiday with Hug Prestige assorted cookies. Share them with your loved ones around the fireplace, while enjoying a hot cup of tea.

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Make this Christmas special with Hug Prestige assorted cookies! It is a mix of Christmas cookies with Milanese butter cookies, Cinnamon stars, and Brunsli. Three favorite and classic Christmas cookies!

Hug Prestige Milanese Cookies

These cookies have a light lemon flavor. Wheat flour, butter, eggs, and skimmed milk powder are the key ingredients which provide this impeccable taste. Furthermore, it might contain traces of almonds, sesame seeds, and hazelnuts.

Hug Cinnamon Star Cookies

Can you imagine Christmas without these delicious Hug Cinnamon Star cookies? Zimsterne (cinnamon stars) are the most traditional German Christmas cookies. The soft and moist texture, delicate almond and cinnamon taste, egg-white icing, as well as the typical star shape come together in one sweet symphony.

Zimsterne Cookies

Zimsterne is a very traditional part of Christmas celebrations in the German part of Switzerland. Hence, they will transport your guests to the most festive time of the year. The holiday season won’t be complete without the perfect Christmas cookie. Taste the sweet sensation, made special for you right here in heart of Switzerland.

Hug Brunsli Prestige Cookies

The Brunsli Prestige cookies are traditional Christmas treats with lots of almonds, hazelnuts, and a delicate cocoa flavor. Their soft and moist texture will always leave you wanting more. Finished with a crunchy castor sugar coating, they’re the perfect holiday treat.

Brunsli Cookies

These festive Swiss chocolate cookies are often described as the Swiss brownie. Hence, they’re extremely popular during the Christmas season. The two main ingredients are chocolate and almonds, along with the addition of complementing spices like cinnamon and cloves. Therefore, get ready for a festive explosion of flavors in your mouth! Chewy, crunchy and delicious!


Merry Swissmas!

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Sugar, wheat flour, almonds 15 %, hazelnuts 10 %, butter 8 %, humectant (sorbitol), cocoa mass, egg white, honey, egg yolk, glucose syrup, eggs, spices, colza oil, caramelized sugar, egg white powder, egg powder, skimmed milk powder, cooking salt, lemon-peel (with natural flavour), emulsifier (soya lecithin). *barn eggs. May contain traces of sesame seeds.


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