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Organic Oat And Spelt Pap 300 g

Brand: Bimbosan

Organic Oat And Spelt Pap is ideal for babies who like to eat the ancient grain, spelt, and oat. This product can’t be shipped to the USA.


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Organic Oat And Spelt Pap Overview

Organic Oat And Spelt Pap is ideal for babies who like to eat the ancient grain, spelt, and oat. This high-quality baby porridge is made from the best organic spelt and carefully selected organic oats. In addition, it does not contain cow’s milk and is purely vegetable. Moreover, it is easy to digest and allows a gentle introduction to solid food.

This cereal-based formula is perfect for babies and small children who are no longer satisfied with milk alone. It is available in eco-friendly, 300g refill bags and practical 300g resealable tins. Hence, you can keep it fresh for a long time in the hermetically sealed tin.

Meals with fruit, meat, or just vegetables get even tastier and more nourishing when you add Organic Oat-Spelt! The best thing is you can use it as soup!

Premium baby food since 1932

Bimbosan is a typical, family-operated Swiss company that has been producing premium special baby food since 1932. They are proud to have upheld Swiss tradition throughout its history, always relying on Switzerland as its production location.

Furthermore, for more than 80 years now, the company has delivered high-quality products at affordable prices. Entire generations of Swiss children have grown up with Bimbosan! Hence, we’re sure your child is going to love Organic Oat And Spelt Pap!

In addition, Bimbosan is the only company in the world that produces baby food in eco-friendly refill bags. Just buy the practical tin with measuring spoon once, then you can keep refilling it with the refill bag. This protects the environment and goes easy on your wallet.

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Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Refill bag, Resealable tin


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