Wollbetten Baby Stroller Blanket


Besides providing the maximum comfort and coziness, Wollbetten Baby Stroller Blanket will also provide all the necessary warmth for your baby.

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Wollbetten Baby Stroller Blanket

Wollbetten Baby Stroller Blanket provides the maximum comfort to your little ones! Whether during the day or night, cold or warm days, this blanket will be your kid’s favorite!

It’s a genuinely natural high-quality product from Switzerland. Besides providing the maximum comfort and coziness, it will also provide all the necessary warmth for your baby, which is especially important during these winter months.

Winter becomes easy to handle with Wollbetten!

Health, relaxation, and restful sleep

Wollbetten brand is a family company with its own production, based in Switzerland. The company was founded in 2001. Since then, they are producing a wide range of products which promote health, relaxation, restful sleep, and stimulate circulation.

They create most of their products such as baby stroller, Mattress Topper etc, from the best Swiss merino wool and cashmere. Furthermore, merino wool has very good, insulating properties which have a positive effect on healthy sleep. It stores the heat during sleep but is still temperature-compensating. Hence, there is no freezing and no sweating.

The perfection of their products is unique and authentic. Wollbetten company creates its natural masterpieces, such as Wollbetten Baby Stroller Blanket, right in the heart of Switzerland. They produce each product individually and can make every piece custom-made and in a specific size. In the production, everything is handmade and sewn with the different sewing machines.

Proper relaxation is crucial for better health. Therefore, you have to take extra steps to guarantee you are getting enough rest and relaxation that keeps you and your loved ones mentally and physically healthy. The comfort Wollbetten baby stroller blanket and other Wollbetten products offer unparalleled. Made from natural ingredients and by hand guarantees exceptional comfort and relaxation.

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