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Wollbetten Neck Rolls


Wollbetten Neck Rolls will make you feel like it’s winter outside. Besides, you’ll get maximum comfort and coziness. Enjoy the warmth!

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Wollbetten Neck Rolls

Do you need some additional comfort for your back while lying down on your bed, sitting in the armchair, or working in your office? Wollbetten Neck Rolls (Bolsters) are suitable for home use and little naps while traveling. This comfortable neck roll will ensure your healthy sleep.

Also, it’s especially suitable for back sleepers, as it fills the space between the shoulder and head. And thus, supports it. The spine remains straight, and you can relax while sleeping.
Even when sitting in an airplane or car, a neck roll ensures a more comfortable sleep. . Besides, it provides maximum comfort and coziness.

There are two variations that you can choose – grey and beige.

Winter becomes easy to handle with Wollbetten!

The Swiss perfection

Wollbetten brand is a family company with its own production, based in Switzerland. The company was founded in 2001. Since then, they are producing a wide range of products which promote health, relaxation, restful sleep, and stimulate circulation.

They create most of their products such as Neck rolls, Duvet, Mattress Topper etc, from the best Swiss merino wool and cashmere. Furthermore, merino wool has very good, insulating properties which have a positive effect on healthy sleep. It stores the heat during sleep but is still temperature-compensating. Hence, there is no freezing and no sweating.

The perfection of their products is unique and authentic. Wollbetten company creates its natural masterpieces, such as Neck Rolls, right in the heart of Switzerland. They produce each product individually and can make every piece custom-made and in a specific size.

In the production, everything is handmade and sewn with the different sewing machines. Explore Wollbetten neck rolls and many other Wollbetten products online from our store. Order online, and we will deliver the products right at your doorstep directly from Switzerland.

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