Swiss Alps Shoulder Bag


Your new best friend at work, walk, or nightlife. Swiss Alps shoulder bag is ideal for multiple occasions throughout the day. And it’s so cute!

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You’re going to fall in love with this cutie! Swiss Alps shoulder bag fits many different styles. It will also be of the greatest help to you in different situations during the day.

Swiss Alps shoulder bag has a two-part inner compartment on the back inside wall (20 x 16 cm). On the front, the shoulder bag medium has an outer wall under the hinged lid. There is also a Couvert compartment with lid, with a Velcro fastener opening and closing it (~18 x 16 cm). Furthermore, there is a mobile phone pocket, various ballpoint pen compartments, and a flat pocket.

The hinged lid has to be closed with velcro at different heights (if you need to pack more in the boiling bag). The side bag strap is 4 cm wide, and it is adjustable in length carrying.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Swiss Alps Standard Shoulder Bag
31 cm (long) x 9 cm (wide) x 21 cm (high)

Swiss Alps Medium Shoulder Bag
31 cm (long) x 9 cm (wide) x 25 cm (high)

Swiss Alps Large Shoulder Bag
37 cm (long) x 9 cm (wide) x 25 cm (high)


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