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Curodont Protect Remineralizing Tooth Gel 3ml


Curodont Protect is a remineralizing tooth gel with the Curolox Technology biomatrix. It is easily applied with your fingertip, a soft toothbrush or directly from the tube onto your teeth. This mineral-rich layer will protect dentine and enamel from acid attacks.

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Curodont Protect Remineralizing Tooth Gel Overview

Swiss company Credentis presents the new, revolutionary product in the teeth protection field! Curodont Protect is a remineralizing tooth gel with the award-winning Curolox Technology biomatrix. This modern technology leads the way to patient-friendly dentistry without drilling and filling. In combination with calcium phosphate and fluoride, it forms a stable protective layer on the tooth. Therefore, this mineral-rich layer protects dentine and enamel from acid attacks. Thanks to the high affinity of calcium phosphate, the gel adheres very well to the tooth surface. Hence, Curodont Protect will make your teeth shine.

When should Curodont Protect be used?

Curodont Protect should be used after professional tooth cleaning or after bleaching. Also, you can use it at home as individual intensive prophylaxis. It is especially suitable for people with high acidic exposure (juices, soft drinks, reflux), during orthodontic treatment and after bleaching.

How to apply Curodont?

The application of Curodont Protect is very simple! You can use a toothbrush, your finger or apply it directly from the tube. After the application, wait for one or two minutes. Finally, if it is necessary, spit out the remnants. You should use it one or two times per week. Furthermore, your dentist can apply it during the treatment.

What happens if you swallow Curodont D’Senz?

The formula of Curodont D’Senz is extremely tolerant. There are no safety risks. Nonetheless, the gel, just like toothpaste, should not be swallowed.

Recommended quantity of Fluoride

The formulation of Curodont Protect provides patients the recommended quantity of Fluoride and is characterized by very good tolerance. However, subsequent application of products with highly concentrated Fluoride is not contraindicated. Hence, you should observe the recommendations of Fluoride quantity!

Why should I use Curodont Protect?

• For protection after professional teeth cleaning
• For protection after bleaching
• As an intensive prophylaxis at home

Curodont was awarded for their products with prestige Swiss Technology award.

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