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Omnimedica Swiss Hair Care Set 200 g

Omnimedica Swiss Hair Care Set represents two an innovative and scientifically advanced hair products which are ideal to enhances your hair’s natural beauty. Hair Tonic Capsules and Swiss Hair Tonic Spray are specially designed to be your first help in supporting your hair growth and healthy hair looking.

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Omnimedica Swiss Hair Care Set is the set of two profitable products, ideal to leave hair shiny/strong//healthy-looking. The products stand out because they are clinically tested. But also with their high-performance ingredients they work with 100 % success in giving full support for growth and healthy of your hair.

Omnimedica Swiss Hair Care Set / Hair Tonic Capsules for the Health and Growth of Your Hair

Omnimedica Hair Tonic Capsules is a high-definition product which, thanks to its vitamins and other elements, regulates hair growth and promotes the absorption of nutrients in the hair roots. Also, the product contains the potent antioxidant properties of OM24 ® which reduce hair aging. But that’ not all, Omnimedica Hair Tonic Capsules contains, even more, high-performance ingredients!

Due to Vitamin E, Zinc, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) and Vitamin C the product is so beneficial for your hair. All of these specially selected ingredients have the power to prevent hair loss. But also to work against damages from over-shampooing, exposure to the sun, blow-drying and ironing. Furthermore, Omnimedica Swiss Hair Care Set offers you these capsules also to stimulate your hair growth.

Therefore, doubtless, this product rich in Vitamins and high-performance ingredients is special! It provides the essential nutrients your hair needs to grow and be healthy.

Omnimedica Swiss Hair Care Set / Swiss Hair Tonic Spray For Healthy Hair Growth and Shiny hair

Omnimedica Swiss Hair Tonic Spray is made with the natural extracts of hamamelis, nettle, melissa and willow bark. It contains all of these natural ingredients in combination with OM24 ® which have a refreshing and regulating effect on the scalp. So, you can use it daily and don’t worry about irritations, redness, only think about how it will help the growth of your hair.

Omnimedica Swiss Hair Tonic Spray has had 100% success on growing customers hair! So, it can grow your hair back, maintain existing hair growth, but also volumise and brighten your hair.
Finally, in combination with Hair Tonic Capsules, your hair will grow faster than ever and have a remarkably shiny look!

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