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Swiss Made Universal Mask


Swiss Made Universal Mask is going to be a good friend of yours, especially during these tough times. Made in Switzerland from organic cotton it can be reused until 30 times. With the adjustable nose clip, it fits any face and protects you and the people around you.




Swiss made universal mask

During these tough times of coronavirus or COVID-19, it is essential to wear a mask outside and protect yourself and others. But, even when this situation stops, we’ll still have air pollution issues, especially within urban air. Therefore, an excellent mask will always be helpful. Swiss Made Universal Mask, originally Swiss made (produced in Arth), is your new personal protector. It was first designed for the Swiss Army, and it’s tested by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.
First of all, it is a universal hygiene mask for personal protection, not a medical mask. Also, it helps respect yourself and other people – that’s where the “Respekt” name comes from.


Reuse of the universal hygiene face mask

You can wash it over 30 times in a regular or an industrial washing machine at 40 ° C. And don’t worry – masks are suitable for tumble drying. And if you do not have a washing machine, you can boil the universal hygiene mask in hot water. This way, you can reuse this hygiene face mask up to 30 times what is also sustainable for the environment.


The results of the washability test from the Swiss Army (Filter Separation Efficiency) of the universal hygiene masks “Respekt”

Washtest of the Swiss Army universal Swiss Made Hygiene Mask

Swiss Made Universal Mask is made of tightly woven and controlled organic cotton and with the adjustable nose clip, it fits everyone’s face. Because of the tight weave and thickness of the cotton the mask has one layer.

It is a hygiene mask that will protect you from potentially harmful drops, air pollution, or airborne particles.  Does also the Swiss made universal mask help against coronavirus or COVID-19? Yes, it helps, but not like the N95 masks. And no mask is a replacement for hand washing and social distancing. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended in March that everyone wears masks over their noses and mouths in public.


How to wear properly the Swiss Made Universal Mask

Finally, it is good to know that this mask passed a university test, which is a real quality mark.

NOTE – Do not dry in the microwave because of the wire!

For bulk orders (50 pieces and more) please write directly to [email protected]!

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See how the mask is produced in central Switzerland:


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