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HitMill music production company represents various exceptional music projects which achieved growing success in the Swiss and other countries worldwide. In addition to being exceptional at creating breathtaking and progressive music, they are remarkable also for specific reasons for art creating. Georg Schlunegger, Roman Camenzind, artists who are out of bounds of trivialization of art, only support the noble goals of artistic actions. Among the many timeless music projects they have, this one, the Migros Ensemble, has its specific noble mission: raising social commitment.


HitMill and the Migros Ensemble / Singing togetherness

Swiss as the country stands out from many countries of the world in this fact: it is almost impossible to give up on the goals that involve humanity. Humanity in the Swiss implies an obligation that must be completed for the benefit of each. Following that, the Swiss Migros Ensemble is singing- be there for each other and let’s celebrate togetherness in social well-being- and this is true Swiss calling for raising social commitment worldwide.

Twenty-three Swiss artists together with HitMill-Georg Schlunegger and Roman Camenzind- are from different parts of Swiss. They come together to record exceptional introspective songs in three languages (German, French and Italian). These songs which go out to surprise a few times a year carry a message of revelation. That message is: We can be truly together in many life situations. Therefore, the Migros Ensemble wants to spread awareness of social commitment worldwide. But in this very moment, songs of the Migros Ensemble call on the Swiss population! They call for a donation for people in need who live in Swiss.


The Migros Ensemble / New Year’s songs as a reminder that you can be a better person

Roman Camenzind as a producer of these Migros Christmas song gifts, Georg Schlunegger and all participants of this excellent project, people of good heart, cultivate our world society. These people nudge promising ideas which have an impact far beyond the art world. Supporting this project and helping the brilliant artists behind it, means achieving the stability and peace among all of us. Therefore, we need these artists to continue experimenting, challenging us, and pushing the boundaries of the art world. Because that also means pushing limits of our mutual human world.

In the same way, we need to listen to these songs of the Migros Ensemble. With them, we are entering the world where we are not truly alone.

(Heimweh – Homesickness, Nostalgia)

Be the first to hear about this sensational Heimweh music offer. But why are we telling you this is the proven thing you should hear? Just imagine due to this powerful and unusual choral music (Schluneggers Heimweh) you could manage better understanding of homesickness, feeling everyone experienced. Or, believe due to this new music project of Georg Schlunegger you could introduce yourself in secret meaning of nostalgia.

Swiss band / Schluneggers Heimweh/ union of the most beautiful voices of Swiss

Their first “Rosemarie” album is colorful work for the powerful combination of eleven awesome man’s voices which goal is to create unique folk/ pop rock music project. Schluneggers Heimweh sings about homesickness from the desire for love, home, and peace. Every of these enthusiastic, impressive and gifted singers tend in a dramatic and intense way to celebrate your often feeling of melancholy. These individuals through their melodies and soft voices want you to think about this feeling. But above all, they want you to have a better positive view of the same. To be specific, isn’t much better to convert the emotion of melancholy and homesickness into something driving?
They are closely related friends and all the time of creating this magic music project they’ve been saying: “ It is almost great to be homesick.”

Schluneggers Heimweh / Writing Swiss Music History

The best way this Swiss band chooses to write Swiss music history is singing the longing to be back home. Yes, this feeling is for anyone compelling to hear and feel.
But, it is interesting that the word “homesickness” can be found for the first time in Swiss.
Anyway, these singers and artists together with Georg Schlunegger, with a common passion (the music) achieved to conquer the Swiss music world. Already in the first 24 hours, the choir has sold more albums than many the most influential Swiss music artists.
But I think this Swiss band could conquer the other places in the world with this historical music moment.

Listen and share this sensational CDas a result of your affirmative seeing of homesickness and empathy.

Karl Theodor Jaspers,German-Swiss psychiatrist, and philosopher

“Today, when my homesickness lies so far, far behind me, almost buried under so many other life-experiences, I take pleasure in having undergone this suffering, too. To be sure, the pleasure is not a proud one, for, to be honest, I did not conquer my homesickness. It only left me one day, when it had sucked out my soul like a vampire. But this day shines like an eternal sunshine in my life. And the joyful light of its memory will never pale for me.”

Nostalgia and crime

Schlunegger Heimweh is one of the many extraordinary lifetime projects of Georg Schlunegger and his colleagues, artists from HitMill music production company, Roman Cemenzind and Fred Hermmann. This music project conquers the Swiss music world from the stand.

The essential thing for these artists is creating unique music, music which could play all the ambiguity of life.
That is why they have been experimenting with every sound effect they hear, with various genres they could play, with every text they could write. Their idea is presenting life as it truly is, a life filled with many seemingly opposite sides. According to that idea, they introduce Schluneggers Heimweh as a group of warm and powerful voices, which tends to express through deep lyrics this character of life.

Eleven Impressive voices IN one CD / The Feeling of Home

Georg Schlunegger had been looking all over Switzerland to find perfect voices and unite them in a form of choir. He found deep basses and high tenors from seven cantons to sing more thoughtful kind of folk music. Now, these voices sing very common and strong emotion: the feeling of home (“Heimweh”).
Like every honest artist, Georg has the need to show to people some strong, ambiguous emotion but in his unique nostalgic way. He deliberates love, hope, commitment, sadness, and fear, trying to relief himself and everybody who listen to this music of pessimistic view of life. He does feel nostalgic, emphatic but basically, he wants to affirm your joy of listening to this music, this choir.

Rosmarie” love ballad / Surprise Hit of This and Every Next Year

This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. Every singer has an attractive vocal tone and puts real feeling into the lyric. The lyric is about a couple who go through the life for decades. In the end, the man has to say goodbye to his dying wife. But above all, they had the full beautiful life together. The song is distinctive and original, and I think it has a high potential to many pleases.

For the debut CD “Heimweh”, HitMill has already received the Golden Record for more than 10,000 units sold.

Listen to this Exclusive CD! Particularly, If you want to share great holiday home atmosphere and nice affirmative wishes to every next period.

HitMill is a leading Swiss music production company. Georg Schlunegger, Roman Camenzind, and Fred Hermmann are proud owners of it.

In this era of conformism, some people still have the energy to create between mainstream and curiosity.

Mainstream in music doesn’t always mean less quality. But it surely means more chance to create music that lasts only one short period. Today we have mass production very listenable repeated rhythms which always give people immediate pleasure and thereby just one moment of relaxing. A lot of individuals are satisfied with only that. But what about people who need more than that? What about artists and listeners who don’t bother following a trend of easy going? And what’s the thing which generates these spirits always trying to show more commitment to work and therefore to the unique quality of music?

The dream job challenge

HitMill is a rare example of music production company which tends to be successful on abovementioned unique quality.

Some of the good spirits of this company are Georg Schlunegger, Roman Camenzind and Fred Hermann. They are founders, but above all, they are very close colleagues with the same purpose/ to create between mainstream and curiosity. They are always much intrigued about creating music in various genres and that promise an idea of the unique quality of music. The complexity of sound and what variety of sound do to mass is something that intrigued them. But importantly, they are creatives for the masses.

HitMill has no fixed methods to make music. Their view is always experimental, and every new project is something challenging for these people. They love to think about the job in that way. And another thing which sets them apart from all others in the music industry is their reliable character. Dozens of platinum and golden records are proof of their seriousness in work.

Great artists for Inspired ones

HitMillrepresents good musicians, good producers, good songwriters and great spirits of potential new and better mainstream. These artists support every inspired and talented character and also provide him good developing music strategies and concepts to advertise their mutually work all around the world.
If you are jazz, pop, rock or reggae musician or singer, and you have some unique potential, HitMill will surely give you a chance to realize and manifest it.

After all, we can’t ignore what a large number of people want from music. We can’t ignore their not a great need for good music. But some people like Georg, Roman, and Fred could show to these people better quality, which could be achieved through the prism of creativity and commitment.

I suggest you listen to their latest music project, CD album Schluneggers Heimweh. You’ ll surely enjoy!

Georg Schlunegger is a significant artist in Swiss music industry.

He has many interests, but all the time he has been giving all his talents to music. Today he is the owner of HitMill music production company with Roman Camenzind and Fred Herrmann.

Swiss musician with many skills

Georg grew up in a small town and spent his childhood listening to many genres of music. That affected him to take drums lessons and also play the piano and guitar.

He studied history at the University of Bern and therefore he has skills of analyses which are probably invaluable in every given situation he meet today. While he was studying, he was writing songs for many Swiss artists. At the same time, his band Crossfade existed in which he was playing guitar, piano, and percussion. Today he works in HitMill as a musician, producer, and songwriter, and has various projects which inspire him every day to think more creatively and to do every next project better than previous.

He is the gifted person who seeks to develop his abilities in many areas of accomplishment: intellectual, artistic, social. That makes him very different from many modern artists. He is the artist who is experimenting and trying to come up with the new ideas of doing the thing. He is the one who does not rob his personality. Georg Schlunegger finds his personality through every work he does, but above all, he is the most interested in projects which could help him to move his character and abilities in another dynamic way.
Because he always tries to develop himself as fully as possible, give us the right to call his spirit universal.

Various projects of Georg Schlunegger

It is well-known he creates the biggest Swiss hits. Besides, Georg also works with HitMill for television. Since 2014. he has been the musical director for some music programs in Switzerland.

Not to forget, he composed two very successful singles for one of the largest wholesale company which aim to be leading Swiss organic brand in Switzerland. He helped their Naturaplan to succeed. Also, Georg Schlunegger helped Switzerland to have good represent at the 58th Annual Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden.

Latterly, he composes for children’s and men’s choir. His latest project is “Schluneggeers Heimweh”. With this man’s choir, HitMill reached Gold status before the CD was available in the official trade.

Now this exclusive CD Schluneggers Heimweh is available, and you can reach it on our site.


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