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In our last post, we were talking about the best Swiss watches that are perfect as this year’s Mother’s Day gifts. However, we are completely aware that some women would rather choose clothes instead of a watch. Sure, watches are the symbol of Switzerland, but they’re not the only Mother’s Day gifts we prepared for you. Today, we’ll present to you some of the most exciting Swiss women’s clothing pieces that your mother will adore! Carefully read what each piece has to offer, and you’ll definitely find something she would prefer.

Nanook High Loft Fleece Jacket

Nanook High Loft ladies fleece jacket isolates wonderfully and provides maximum wearing comfort. Its high-quality material and craft make it entirely windproof. Besides, there is also a trendy cut and Alpine Club Logo, which both give a special touch to this fleece jacket.
There are three pockets with zippers at the front. On top of that, the jacket is made out of 100% polyester, and it’s quick-drying. It is definitely one of the most beautiful (and very useful, at the same time) Mother’s Day gifts.


Hoody with Soft Fleece

This beautiful hoody with soft fleece is the perfect item for various weather conditions. There are two open hand pockets and one zip pocket. In the right one, there’s a hook that you can use for different purposes – fasten your keys, etc.

On the arm, there’s Swiss cross emblem that gives an authentic touch to this hoody. There’s also a vintage badge in the retro look on the chest. Therefore, a soft fleece hoody is suitable for different activities, such as hiking, skiing, or simply walking outside.


Light Fleece Pullover

And here comes a gorgeous, super-soft, light fleece pullover. Its maximum softness and wearing comfort make it ideal for a Mother’s Day gift. Also, it isolates perfectly, so it will balance the right temperature whether it’s hot or cold. So, no wind would harm her, and she could enjoy different activities, such as mountain climbing, walking, or whatever she prefers.

There is a handy sleeve pocket with a zipper, as well as the Alpine Club logo as an authentic symbol. A soft touch for soft souls.


Outdoor Shirt for Ladies

This beautiful women’s blouse testifies the attachment of the wearer with Switzerland. It has two logos – Alpine Club on the chest and the Swiss arms on the sleeve. Also, there are two handy pockets on the chest.

You can’t see its genuine strength directly. Not only it’s 100% polyester, but it’s also breathable and heat-regulating to ensure the best possible comfort. On top of that, there is no ironing, and it dries quickly. It’s a truly unique piece of Swiss women’s clothing.


Polo Shirt

Popular Alpine Club polo shirt shows love to the Swiss Alps. And you know what the best thing is? It is 100% cotton piqué, and on top of that, it is quick-drying.

You can do any outdoor activity in it since it is suitable for different occasions and weather conditions. However, it is especially useful when playing sports.


T-Shirt With Shiny Hearts

This classic strass t-shirt has two hearts and Switzerland lettering on the front – all in imitation gemstones. Furthermore, if you like things cool, then the wide neckline of this comfortable t-shirt is another positive feature.
This women’s t-shirt is suitable for any outdoor activity. Therefore, you can go exercise in it or spend some leisure time outside or inside the house.

One thing is sure – you are going to love this Swiss t-shirt! It is available in all sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Swiss Summits T-Shirt

This gorgeous t-shirt has a “Swiss Mountain Peaks” design on its front and shows love for the Swiss Alps. It is made from 100% cotton and is quick drying. This t-shirt is available in all sizes.

When you see it, you’ll know why it’s one of the most special Mother’s Day gifts, and in general, one of the most interesting Swiss women’s clothing pieces.


Switzerland T-shirt

And finally, we have a classic design t-shirt with a famous Swiss cross in the frontside middle. This t-shirt is the best choice if your mother is a true fan of Switzerland, or if she has some great memories with our country over the years. It is a piece of Swiss women’s clothing that highlights the authentic Swiss spirit.

Besides, this t-shirt is suitable for different outdoor activities, regardless of weather.


Winter is still on the run, and more cold days are yet to come! Having a warm, windproof clothes is a must. But if these jackets and pullovers are also very soft and comfortable – that’s even better, right? Furthermore, when it’s quality is impeccable, and design attractive and fashionable – then it is just what you need for the upcoming months. You might be wondering: “ Where can I find such a thing?” Well, don’t worry, you are in the right spot! Prepare yourself for the harshest weather conditions with original Swiss clothes.

Enjoy The Winter With Swiss Clothing Brands

When we talk about unique Swiss clothing brands, you can be sure it’s all about quality, comfort, and style. Combination of best materials and modern design is what makes them so outstanding. The same goes for winter Swiss clothes. Whether it’s about jackets, pullovers or cute kids shoes, they are always following the highest standard, providing coziness and comfort. Hence, let’s see what could be the best options for you and your dearest this winter!

Swiss jacket brands

A jacket is the essential part of your winter outfit. Therefore, it has to be warm, and it must provide ultimate protection from rain and snow. And that’s where Swiss jacket brands shine! Not only they ensure maximum security from rainfall, but they are also windproof and water-repellent. Hence, you can use them for different kinds of outdoor activities. Whether you like skiing, hiking or just walking for a long time, they are suitable for any of these cases. In addition to that, they’re highly breathable and have heat regulation, so you don’t break out in the sweat. But there is more!

All these astounding Swiss jackets guarantee maximum comfort. Each of them has some unique detail which will make you feel ecstatic while wearing it. Whether it is the soft collar or elastic waistband, any of these jackets might possess that one little thing which you were always searching for. Enjoy!


Swiss pullovers

No one likes skipping everyday activities because of bad weather conditions. And you know what? Say goodbye to these days. With original Swiss pullovers and hoodies under the jacket, you will be able to do whatever you want, and your activities won’t be weather dependent. Besides being warm and windproof, these adorable Swiss sweaters are very soft and pleasant to wear. No matter if you like hoodies or knitted cardigans, they’re all providing the utmost comfort you can imagine. Therefore, you can use them every day at home, on the job, or outside doing some exercise. Swiss clothes for all occasions!

Another authentic feature is their design. You can have a “Switzerland” writing or Alpine Club logo together with highest quality YKK zippers. Choose whatever you prefer!

Hats & Gloves

Do you plan to go skiing this month? Or maybe just playing snow games with your kids? Anyways, in both cases, you’re going to need those hats and gloves. They will for sure be your best friends throughout the whole winter! If you like the extra warm feeling, then you have to try Swiss chapka hats with fur. Created with special lining and integrated ear warmer, it’s going to be your guardian angel on the upcoming snowy days. Yet, if you prefer more casual hats, check this out! Authentic winter hats with Swiss imprints and characteristics will warm your ears and be of great usage these months.

Gloves are another must-have winter clothing item. Whether you prefer ones with open fingertips or maybe supersoft touchscreen variation, you are about to find them here! Hence, you should make yourself happy with one of these. Especially if your boys and girls are about to make a huge snowman in front of the house. You’d better be there helping them!  

Winter Kidswear

We can agree on one thing – kids need to stay warm and you should not sacrifice coziness for cuteness. But what if we can have both? Hence, gladden your children with Swiss clothes and you won’t have to worry about anything. Your sweetheart will stay warm and comfortable, but you’re also going to make some nice pictures for their first photo album. Three in one! So what do we have here?


Wolbetten Lambskin Baby Shoes

Right from the heart of Switzerland comes the absolute footwear masterpiece! Completely authentic, these sweet Wollbetten baby shoes are made by hand from the best natural materials. Remarkable, aren’t they? As we said before – comfort and coziness are in the first place. Baby’s feet will breathe while being warm too. But that’s not all!

If you are looking for even warmer variation – here it is! The 100% cotton socks in the shoes will keep them securely on your child’s feet. Same as other Wollbetten products, these booties are authentic and unique. Just look at them. Cuteness overload!

Tibetan Hats

You should have your kid’s winter equipment complete, including hats. Tibetan hats are cozy and guarantee safe warm ears in cold temperatures. If you’re planning to spend a vacation with your child, then these are must have, since they are ideal for sledding and skiing. Grey with the beanie is for boys, purple with pompon for girls. Fair enough!


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