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Laederach Brand Overview

The brand Laederach takes pride in its selection of ingredients that go into Laederach chocolate. They are known to use the finest and freshest raw materials. Moreover, the brand always strives to build a relationship with its partner and supplier, who carries the same vision as Laederach. They want to offer their customers a delicate and great experience.

And for that, they don’t shy away from walking the extra mile or putting in a lot more effort. A considerable amount of resources goes into finding out the best local supplies for the laederach chocolate. By looking into their customer numbers, it is obvious that these extra efforts definitely pay them back.

Vision and History of Laederach

For years, the Swiss brand Läderach has been able to satisfy its user’s demand through mouthwatering Swiss delicacies such as Laederach chocolate. Their fresh ingredients, expertise, and mastery over the chocolate make deliver an unforgettable experience.

They dedicated a lot of resources to finding out new recipes and improving the existing ones to pamper the tastebuds of their ever-expanding clientele. Since its inception in 1962 by Chocolatier Rudolf Läderach Jr, the brand always made extra effort to bring exceptional chocolate out of its production lines. And that vision is still there and is currently being pursued by the brand watchers.

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