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Gerber Swiss Brand Overview

Gerber is a renowned Swiss brand known for its cheese products worldwide. The brand is the pioneer of cheese fondue. Gerber was the brand who were introduced cheese fondue first time in Switzerland in 1960. After many years of Emmentaler preservation, the Swiss brand started production in 1911 after finding out the revolutionary process of melting through citric acid.

It was 1914 when the Swiss brand Gerber first appeared at the Swiss national exhibition, which was located in Bern, Switzerland. The exhibition was remarkable, and the brand got huge momentum. The idea of making Gerber fondue cheese in just minutes was a revolutionary idea itself. And people certainly loved it. However, it is also needed to mention that the idea developed after a prolonged study. In fact, it was years of effort and resource that ultimately helped the brand to achieve such a milestone.

Oreder Now

Guests can come over anytime. And if you want to serve them really great Swiss food fast, Swiss Gerber fondue is the most idle choice. You can make the fondue ready to eat within minutes and without putting a lot of effort. Besides easy and effortless making, the brand also takes notice of the latest health trend. What does it mean? Well, it means they keep a sharp eye on the ingredients and process. For instance, the Gerber fondue is lactose-free! Yet, they have come with the most wonderful flavor that makes everyone fall in love with the Swiss fondue!

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