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Why Are Swiss Gifts So Welcome This Christmas?


Why Are Swiss Gifts So Welcome This Christmas?

Christmas is for many of us the most important holiday in the whole year. Why is that so? Well, it is the time when the family gathers, when we decorate our houses, and, most importantly, when we want to please our dearest with nice and beautiful gifts. And by that, I mean you really want to make your kids, partners or colleagues feel special and extremely happy. Therefore, in order to achieve that, you should really pick what is the best. And that’s where Swiss gifts shine! Here is the carefully selected list of the unique gifts from Switzerland. The best of the best, equally for women and men. Furthermore, there are some of the best gifts for our youngest, and also for the business colleagues.

However, this is not all! Don’t forget to check out other Swiss gifts for 2019 in our Christmas offer.


For her: Hanowa Women’s Wristwatch Leandra

Hanowa is the synonym for the top Swiss quality. Therefore, the same applies to Leandra. The Leandra wristwatch is a classic, yet exciting timepiece. It is an accessory that will truly make a statement. It is made from stainless steel, yet embellished with stylish sparkling stones along the dial. Furthermore, the dial shows the day, date and moon phase. Nevertheless, this piece has a clean and clear look.


For him: Hanowa Swiss Military Sea Lion Watch Set

Hanowa watches incorporate today’s latest lifestyle and technical trends. This Swiss Made watch set is no different. The Hanowa Swiss Military Sea Lion watch set is a robust navy gentleman’s line. The classic wristwatch features a sapphire coated mineral glass and a date display. The strap is a nylon military-style and, of course, inside is the Swiss precision quartz movement Ronda 505.


For her: Mondaine Helvetica No1 Bold

A perfect watch for ladies who enjoy strong and impressive timepieces. The Mondaine Helvetica watches are off from traditional position, to fit in the modern women’s needs. Furthermore, new Mondaine family number, the Helvetica No1 with its curved crossbar, is here to respond to the 2018/19 trends. Case material is made of stainless steel and bracelet material is genuine leather. Hence, it is a strong, outstanding and one-of-a-kind piece.


For him: Mondaine Helvetica No1 Smart

The Mondaine Helvetica No1 smart men wristwatch utilizes the MotionX technology. It is the first watch which combines classic horological design with the latest tracking technology. In contrast to other smart devices, you have the information in an analog fashion via the subdial. Mondaine smartwatch features activity tracking, sleep monitoring, sleep cycle alarms, get-active alerts, and adaptive coaching.


For her: Victorinox INOX V

Bold, strong, yet resolutely feminine – the Victorinox INOX V. The natural choice for today’s tribe of empowered, inspired, and globe-trotting women. This is a timepiece with attitude, versatility, and power – all the attributes of a successful, multidimensional, determined woman. Victorinox INOX is the only Swiss watch to withstand 130 extreme endurance homologation tests.


For him: Victorinox INOX

Man version of durable INOX series. Hence, its Swiss made case material is made of high-grade stainless steel and an innovative survival paracord strap. It also includes a removable compass bumper for protection against scratches. Victorinox INOX watch will endure life as adventurous as yours. It’s engineered to be ready for anything, including drops, dives and daily usage. Wear it and you’ll feel prepared for everything the day ahead of you holds.


For her: Wenger Urban Donnissima

Wenger Urban Donnissima collection is a unique blend of femininity and refined elegance. Furthermore, Urban Donnissima timepiece will highlight your evening wear or ideally complement a more casual attire. The best Swiss Made quality at the most reasonable price. Wenger watches are designed to meet the variety of the today’s metropolitan trends. Hence, they are showcasing from the most classic flair, toward the most popular vintage touch, to crown with the most geared sportive look.


For him: Wenger Urban Active

This multi-purpose timepiece which stands for sporty elegance. Wenger Urban Active will be your ideal complement and going-out gear, whether for your next business meeting or dinner in town. The Wenger Urban Active collection contains sober models full of elegance. Hence, these timepieces are elegant and sportive. The original, Swiss made quality!


For her: Jowissa Aura

The elegant watches of the Aura collection combine elegant, cut watch glass with exclusive color creations. The facets of the watch glass catch the light like a diamond while creating a wonderful display. It glitters and fascinates with every movement of the wrist. Also, there are gorgeous leather straps and dials in fashionable colors. Furthermore, in combination with sparkling trims, they are providing the sleek rounded design of the case.


For him: Jowissa Lux

Guys, if you like sporty look, please yourselves with this wonderful Jowissa Lux men wristwatch! The stainless steel bracelet represents classic sports style and is also adjustable. The bezel is metalized and integrated into the glass. Therefore, display of hours, minutes, seconds and date give this watch a classy look of simple Swiss elegance. As a high-quality Swiss-made watch brand, Jowissa offers outstanding value for money. And also, the refined sense of style.


Crayons and Pens

For the child: Caran d’Ache Fancolor Colored Pens

What’s the most interesting present for kids this Christmas? Well, something which can completely occupy their attention and make them smile a lot. Furthermore, if they have already shown interest in coloring, then you have the answer to the previous question. Caran d’Ache Fancolor colored pens will be their good friend for a very long time! These colored pencils are soft, resistant and have a hexagonal shape for optimal grip. Hence, they are ideal for hatching, shading and wash drawing.



For the child: Caran d’Ache Fancolor 15 Colored Gouache Tablets

These Caran d’Ache Fancolor gouache tablets are perfect for your little artists. Therefore, they’re very good for practice and learning. What do we have here are 14 color tablets and one tube of white. The color mixes are unlimited. All colors are water-soluble, with high pigment and good light resistance. Furthermore, they are economical to use. Also, the metal box is practical and ecological.


For her: Caran d’Ache Brut Rose Ballpoint Pen

Need a gift for your colleagues and partners who appreciate small, elegant stuff? Take a look at this Caran d’Ache Ballpoint pen! Every woman will be extremely happy with this gift being in her hand every single day. Furthermore, if you are a leader of a company or corporation, this could be an extremely great gift for your employees.

For him: Caran d’Ache Silver-plated Rhodium Pencil

On the other hand, men also like high-quality things for their everyday work, right? And this high-quality Swiss made pencil will make those hard working days be a lot easier. Its body of black rubber with guilloche decoration gives an imposing elegance that is perfectly in tune with contemporary urban life. Also, it could be a great corporative gift, a small thing which can make a whole office incredibly happy.








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