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Swiss Father’s Day Gifts – Perfect To Show Your Gratitude


Swiss Father’s Day Gifts – Perfect To Show Your Gratitude

Father’s Day is coming very soon, and it sometimes seems this holiday is in the shadow of others, which is unfair! It lacks significance like Easter or Christmas and there is no such passion as for Valentine’s Day. Also, it is not as popular as Mother’s Day throughout the world. This doesn’t seem right at all, and this year is the perfect moment to change our approach to this awesome day!

Why is it important to celebrate?

Well, the father, as one of the key figures in our lives, is someone who was always there for us. He taught us everything! From basic, childhood things to some random, cool stuff which are also more than welcome.

He brought you to watch the football game live for the first time. The same applies to the music concert or the cinema. Also, you went fishing or hiking together. He taught you how to ride a bicycle. The first time you felt the sea water was with him. Father bought your first ice cream. He was playing games with you but was also helping you with the homework if it is necessary. He was there to hug you when you were crying. And when you were growing up, he was there to teach you all the life lessons, regardless of the situation. The best life coach you’re ever going to have! And most importantly, all mentioned things he did because he loves you more than anyone and anything else.


Therefore, it is essential to dedicate them one of 365 days to show the appreciation for everything they did for us throughout the years. To show love and respect. Ok, there is a birthday too, but hey, if we celebrate so many different, and less important things, then father definitely deserves his day, too.

But, what should I do?

You already know your father’s passion and what he likes the most is. However, in case you are wondering how to surprise him, we’ve decided to suggest you some ideas about how to entertain him and make him feel great.

If your father is a movie fan, you can watch together his favorite movie as you did years ago. It will evoke some old memories when you were spending much more time together. Also, he will notice that you were thinking about him and that you remember the good old times. However, if he prefers to watch new things, you can go to the cinema and enjoy some of the new Hollywood blockbusters.

Also, you can prepare him his favorite meal for dinner. And if he was the one who taught you how to make it back in the days, then it is undoubtedly the right thing to do! Ask your mother, brother or sister to help you, and then eat together. His heart will be full of sweetest emotions. But, if you’re not that great of a cook, you can always go the restaurant and order some good wine together with his favorite dish.

The picnic is always a good idea, too! Especially if he likes spending time in nature, fishing, hiking or hunting. You probably remember last time you were together cooking meat outside. Make it look like he did it for you back in the days. Go along with other members of the family and prepare everything he likes. If it seems like a good idea to you, but you wonder how to do it, here you have some of our suggestions.


Father’s Day is on June 17th, and the World Cup starts three days earlier. If your father is a big football fan, he would be delighted to watch a game together with you. Go to a local pub, order few pints of beer and maybe something to eat. While you watch the game, try to evoke some old memories – when he first time brought you to watch a football game, or when a team you cheer for made a great success. You might think this only refers to boys, but not at all. Even girls who don’t like sports should please their fathers in this way. One day in your life watching football together will mean a lot to him.

Swiss Father’s Day gift ideas

So, now when you know where you’re going to take your father for his special day, you only need one more thing – to think about the present! We’ve already mentioned that the father is one of the key persons in everyone’s life. Therefore, you should glad him with the best gift he can think of, with something he wants the most and what has the infinite value.


And what is the first thing that crosses your mind when you connect the epithet “the best” with Switzerland? Yes, you already know – the Swiss watches! It is the symbol of high quality, authentic design, and longevity. And who deserves such a great gift more than your father?


The Mondaine watches represent the combination of simple, but modern design and unmistakable Swiss quality. The famous red second’s hand, stainless steel, and sapphire glass are the key factors which distinguish Mondaine from other manufacturers and any other watch in the world. And you have plenty of options to choose!

There are newer, modern versions of Mondaine Helvetica series. However, they still have that classy, practical look. Furthermore, they are water-resistant, so your father doesn’t have to worry about the bad weather situations. And most importantly, the watch will be delivered to you in the original box, which makes it perfect for a present.


But, if you prefer (or your father prefers) the authentic Mondaine red seconds hand, then take a look at the more classic wristwatch versions. This type of watch is recognized throughout the whole world and has the connection with the famous Swiss Railways clock.

And finally, there is one more option. If you heard that your father needs a clock in his room or office, then this magnet clock will be a perfect fit. He can fix it on any surface and, most importantly, the readability ensures he can keep a close eye on the time even from a significant distance.



The best description of the new Luminox series would be “The real manly watches”! When you take a closer look at them, you will see that it indeed is the case. All of them are inspired by army, jets, marines or divers. The main characteristics are stainless steel cases, sapphire crystals, and water-resistance. Another important thing is the night visibility, which is provided by modern Luminox technology.

Every watch has its specialty and symbolic meaning. If your father is a fan of jets, you can choose between Nighthawk or Raptor series. However, there are also Mariner or Navy Seal versions for those which have some authentic, sporty details. Also, if he is a diving fan, or is a diver himself, he would love Scott Cassell or Deep Dive series. There are plenty of options to choose, and you can be sure that each of these series guarantees the top quality!


Take a careful look at all these watches and find the one which suits his personality and character. And now comes the best. You will be granted a 25% discount on any watch you choose from this collection! To sum things up, you will glad your dad with the most stunning gift for the price you probably won’t ever see again. Hence, grab this opportunity and make the June 17th memorable.

Happy Father’s Day!

Milos Swissmade
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