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Revolutionizing Dental Care: An Introduction to Vvardis’ Innovative Products

Welcome to our blog dedicated to dental care and the latest innovations in the field. Today we will be introducing Vvardis‘ innovative products!

Vvardis is a brand that stands out with its innovative, award-winning Curolox Technology, which has been proven to be effective through several clinical studies. For over two decades, countless researchers from supramolecular chemistry, oral biology, and dentistry have contributed their knowledge to create the high-tech products of the Vvardis product line.

In this article, we will delve into the unique features of Vvardis and its products. Read on to learn more about how Vvardis is changing the game in dental care and how its products can benefit your dental health!

Vvardis D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel

Vvardis D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel is a professional protection for sensitive teeth.

The patented Oligo-Peptide 103 technology in Vvardis D’Senz forms a stable, protective barrier on exposed dentine.

Within 2 minutes, the open dentin tubules are effectively occluded, inhibiting the pain induced by thermal and contact stimuli. In addition, it enables the reduction of sensitivity directly before a professional dental cleaning.

Curodont D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel

Curodont Protect Remineralizing Tooth Gel

Vvardis presents a new, revolutionary product in the teeth protection field! Vvardis Protect is a remineralizing tooth gel for use in-office and at home.

The patented biomimetic Oligo-Peptide 103 technology forms a protective layer that shields enamel and dentin against bacterial and food acids. Hence, it effectively protects the tooth from caries and erosion. Also, it gives a unique smooth teeth sensation.

The gel is especially suited for patients at a high risk of caries, including those undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment/aligner therapy, for patients with high acidic exposure (fruit juices, sweet drinks, reflux), and as a finish for professional dental cleaning or bleaching appointments. 

Curodont Protect Remineralizing Tooth Gel

vVardis White Enamel Set

White Enamel Set rejuvenates tooth enamel that will change your oral hygiene forever. The effectiveness of Biomimetics Science and vVARDIS Anti-Aging formulas can revitalize and create new white enamel naturally in just one week.

This set contains four products: White Enamel Anti-Aging Serum, White Enamel Anti-Aging Toothpaste, Enamel Highlighter Mouthwash, and Enamel Caressing Wood Toothbrush. 

It helps to prevent enamel erosion that may cause teeth sensitivity, decay, or discoloration. Safe and effective on veneers, porcelain crowns, and fillings. Moreover, it’s vegan, clean, and sustainable. Feel the result of the vVardis White Enamel Set: silky-smooth and radiant teeth.

Stop time and keep that smile!

White Enamel Set

Aletsch White Enamel Teeth Serum

Aletsch White Enamel Teeth Serum is the first serum that rejuvenates tooth enamel to its natural radiance.

Using Biomimetic Science, the process that imitates nature, concentrated, patented formula Hydroxya-Peptide500, creates new white enamel in one week.

This intensive treatment helps to prevent enamel erosion that can cause teeth sensitivity while helps protecting against stains and discoloration. In addition, it’s safe and effective on veneers, porcelain crowns and fillings. You will immediately feel the results: silky-smooth and radiant teeth.

The start of your Anti-Aging ritual!

Aletsch White Enamel Teeth Serum

Vvardis innovative products: Sils Instant Fresh Mouth Spray

Sils Instant Fresh Mouth Spray instantly gives you fresh breath, thanks to Aura-Peptide10 Complex. It’s convenient while on the go and provides fresh breath, making you always feel confident. In addition, you can use it on veneers, crowns, and fillings for instantly fresh breath with long-lasting results. It is available in three flavors – citrus fresh, radiant musk, and beaming petals.

Sils Instant Fresh Mouth Spray

Dental care: Enamel Anti Aging Edelweiss Toothpaste

Enamel Anti Aging Edelweiss Toothpaste rejuvenates enamel to its natural radiance. Using Biomimetic Science, the process that imitates nature, our concentrated patented formula, Senolytic Hydroxya-Peptide200, creates new white enamel day after day.

A daily treatment with senolytic properties will maintain a healthy and youthful smile. Moreover, it helps repair your tooth enamel and will give you silky-smooth teeth.

In addition, it helps to prevent enamel erosion that can cause tooth sensitivity and discoloration. Safe and effective on veneers, porcelain crowns and fillings. Choose between two different flavors – soft mint, or strong mint.

Tooth paste combo
Enamel Anti Aging Edelweiss Toothpaste

Enamel Fresh And Protect Mouthwash

It contains Zinc-Peptide10 Complex Formula, to make your teeth enamel bright and glossy while freshening and revitalizing your mouth. Enhances the effects of the Anti-Aging ritual.

Always feel comfortable with a youthful fresh smile! Choose between two different flavors – soft mint, or strong mint.

Mountwash combo
Enamel Fresh And Protect Mouthwash

Enamel Caressing Wood Toothbrush

This amazing Wood Toothbrush is created from environmentally friendly Swiss beechwood and designed to protect your new white tooth enamel.

In addition, it’s ergonomically designed with rounded and tapered bristles to clean teeth 10X better than a regular toothbrush without irritating sensitive teeth and gums. Hence, the perfect addition to your Anti-Aging ritual.

A healthy, youthful, and timeless smile day after day. It comes in packs of 2, and you can choose between two different sets – black & white (whitening set) or green & grey (soft set).

Toothnrush combo
Enamel Caressing Wood Toothbrush

In conclusion, Vvardis has emerged as a leader in dental care with its innovative biomedical products based on the groundbreaking Curolox Technology. The effectiveness of Vvardis innovative products has been proven through numerous clinical studies, and the brand has received recognition through various awards, including the prestigious Swiss Technology Award.

With a focus on tooth regeneration and protection, Vvardis offers a range of products, each with a specific purpose for dental care. From Vvardis Protect to Vvardis D’Senz and Vvardis Repair, each product is designed to enhance dental treatments and promote better oral health.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits of Vvardis products, we encourage you to visit our website to purchase them. By incorporating Vvardis products into your dental care routine, you can enjoy the latest in dental technology and enhance your overall dental health.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our online selection today and buy Vvardis products to experience the difference in dental care!


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