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The Best Watches for The Most Beloved Person – Mother’s Day Swiss Gifts

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The Best Watches for The Most Beloved Person – Mother’s Day Swiss Gifts

Mother’s love is the one and only unconditional love we are ever going to experience. The only person that will always think about you, even if you are grown-up or living far away on the other continent. She will always know if you need something, and she will always care and think about your life. Furthermore, she will always be there to help, regardless of her age and possibilities.

It is essential for you to show appreciation and gratitude whenever you can. Of course, the most important thing is to visit her often and to show attention. However, there are some days of the year which are perfect for nice presents for your mother. Her birthday, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Christmas, and one day which is devoted to all moms in this world – Mother’s Day!

Therefore, we’ve compiled the list of some of the most interesting Swiss watches for your most beloved person. But that’s not all. You will get a 30% discount for any watch that you choose from our offer!  A perfect opportunity to glad your mom with a high-quality Swiss watch. Hence, take a look at those beauties and see what is the “chosen one” for your mother this year!

Hanowa Women’s Wristwatch Leandra

Hanowa is the synonym for the top Swiss quality. Therefore, the same applies to Leandra. The Leandra wristwatch is a classic, yet exciting timepiece. It is an accessory that will truly make a statement. Its strength lies in powerful stainless steel together with stylish sparkling stones along with the dial. Furthermore, the dial shows the day, date and moon phase. Nevertheless, this piece has a clean and clear look.


Wenger Urban Donnissima

Wenger Urban Donnissima collection is a unique blend of femininity and refined elegance. Furthermore, Urban Donnissima timepiece will highlight your evening wear or ideally complement more casual attire. The best Swiss Made quality at the most reasonable price. Wenger watches are designed to meet the variety of today’s metropolitan trends. Hence, they are showcasing from the most classic flair, toward the most popular vintage touch, to crown with the most geared sportive look.


Jowissa Aura

The elegant watches of the Aura collection combine elegant, cut watch glass with exclusive color creations. The facets of the watch glass catch the light like a diamond while creating a wonderful display. It glitters and fascinates with every movement of the wrist. Also, there are gorgeous leather straps and dials in fashionable colors. Furthermore, in combination with sparkling trims, they are providing the sleek design of the case.


Mondaine Helvetica No1 Bold

A perfect watch for ladies who enjoy strong and impressive timepieces. The Mondaine Helvetica watches are off from traditional position, to fit in the modern women’s needs. Furthermore, new Mondaine family number, the Helvetica No1 with its curved crossbar, is here to respond to the 2019 trends. Case material is made of stainless steel and bracelet material is genuine leather. Hence, it is a strong, outstanding and one-of-a-kind piece.


Victorinox INOX V

Bold, strong, yet resolutely feminine – the Victorinox INOX V. The natural choice for today’s tribe of empowered, inspired, and globe-trotting women. This is a timepiece with attitude, versatility, and power – all the attributes of a successful, multidimensional, determined woman. Victorinox INOX is the only Swiss watch to withstand 130 extreme endurance homologation tests.


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