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Lucerne – the Heart of Switzerland


Although it is hard to travel these days because of the current COVID-19 situation, if you find an opportunity, use it to visit the beautiful historic city – Lucerne. Located at the foot of the Alps, in the Swiss-German speaking part of central Switzerland, it’s a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Lucerne and its lake are truly the heart of Switzerland. Thanks to its location, it is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Therefore, it is a perfect starting point for your trip.

Town History

The name “Lucerne” originates from the Latin word “lucerna”, meaning “lamp,” according to a common legend. As the story goes, an angel illuminated a place with a beam of light streaming from his hands, indicating to a group of eighth-century Benedictine monks where they should build the first chapel of the city. The town that formed around the chapel is now known as Lucerne or “Leuchtenstadt” in German, which means “The City of Light.” Lucerne has been a popular destination for the European royalty and elite all through its history, inspiring the works of Wagner, Goethe, and Queen Victoria in the 19th century.


Discover the city of Lucerne

Today, with its historical sights and spectacular landscapes, the city still enchants its tourists. With new museums and festivals, a few futuristic, high-tech landmarks, and luxurious boutique stores, there’s plenty of things to do and see when visiting this magical place. In addition to its many chapels and monasteries, Lucerne is also known for its many bridges. The Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, is one of the most famous bridges in the town.

The shores of Lucerne Lake

Nothing beats the view of Lake Lucerne early in the morning. The fourth-largest lake in Switzerland, also known as the “Lake of the Four Cantons,” is a beautiful lake with an unusual shape that encourages you to discover more. The lake, with incredible mountains on both sides, has four arms going off at sharp angles. Since Lucerne is located in the northwest corner of Switzerland, you can catch one of five early-20th-century paddle steamers for cruises on the lake, starting from the Luzern Bahnhofquai.


Enjoy the best weather

Lucerne weather can be very pleasant or bellow freezing! The summers are warm and sunny, although it’s never extremely hot in Lucerne because the Alps are very close. For that reason, most tourists come to Lucerne between June and September. That is the perfect timing if you enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors. However, if you’re not a fan of warm temperatures and prefer winter sports, November is the best time to visit! The winters in Lucerne are very cold, and the skiing season lasts until mid-April.

Treat yourself with fine Lucerne food

There are some excellent restaurants in The Old Town to visit. You can discover many cozy little restaurants that serve all kinds of chicken dishes. Plus, there are many places ideal for a quick bite if you’re in a hurry to continue sightseeing. For fine dining lovers, you can even find a French cuisine with its popular duck, various seafood choices, and delicious sirloin steaks. One extra tip when eating out – In Europe, Switzerland ranks among the most expensive nations. That said, service is normally included when dining out, so you’re not supposed to tip. However, if your water or waitress was particularly excellent, you can add 5-10%.


Lucerne, a medieval city, looks like a fairytale Swiss town located between mountains and a lake. In other words, it seems like an old postcard brought to life. Whether you’re a food or a history lover, Lucerne is indeed one of the best cities to visit in Switzerland. Your Swiss vacation in Lucerne will definitely be an unforgettable journey!

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