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Every true chocolate lover knows that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world. It’s not even debatable, at least for a massive percentage of people. But what is truly the reason why it has been the best in the world for so many years? It is impossible to provide a single answer to this question. Therefore, we’ll go through different reasons so you can have a clearer picture of why Swiss chocolate is people’s favorite.

Swiss precision in creating chocolates (but other products as well)

Swiss precision is very well-known throughout the world. It doesn’t only mean that you’re going to receive your product without any single mistake. Most of the time, you will get precisely the same shapes and variations, as you did, for example, before a year or two, unless the product has been changed in the meantime. So, the situation with Swiss chocolate is the same. Regardless of which Swiss chocolate brand you prefer, you will always get the most precise shapes and pieces.


A super high-quality standard

Same as with the precision, Swiss products are also famous because of their quality. Chocolate is definitely not an exception when we talk about quality. The first thing that differentiates most Swiss chocolate brands from the rest is the selection of raw materials. However, it wouldn’t be enough without expert manufacturers. In combination, expertise and natural materials create the high-quality chocolate that melts on the tongue, with a subtle and delicate flavor. You’ll never experience an aftertaste or a sandy feeling in the mouth with authentic Swiss made chocolate.

Chocolate pioneers

In the 17th and 18th centuries, chocolate was not so popular and luxurious eating experience. It was mostly chewy and unpalatable. The Swiss pioneers were the ones who started the change of the chocolate world. In 1819, Francois-Louis Cailler opened the first merchandised chocolate factory in the town of Vevey. Many others started following his steps, and soon, there were factories all around Switzerland. Sprungli family set up a shop in Zurich, which later merged with Rodolphe Lindt’s Bern factory at the end of the 19th century. And that’s how the story went on until nowadays.


Swiss people support their national industry

This point is very critical. Although Swiss made chocolate is known everywhere in the world, still, it is very important that Swiss people consume a great deal of their own chocolate. According to multiple rankings, Swiss people are ranked at the top among all chocolate lovers in the whole world. People are aware of the high-quality of their industry, and because of it, they don’t need any encouragement to support local brands and industries.

Swiss chocolate melts-in-the-mouth

Rodolphe Lindt is the first person who applied the so-called “conching” method to create the first melt-in-the-mouth chocolate back in 1879. Why is it so important? Because, for all these years, this method guarantees the success of Swiss made chocolate, homogenizes the product, and creates a great flavor. Although the patent for this process was created in the 19th century, it still works! Many Swiss chocolate brands entirely rely on the melt-in-the-mouth tactic.


Tradition + Innovation

As we mentioned several times throughout the article, modern chocolate was developed in the 19th century. Therefore, it has deep roots in tradition, and it is a secret to its success. However, to satisfy chocolate lovers nowadays, you can’t rely only on tradition. What Swiss manufacturers realized is that the best way to create chocolate nowadays is to combine traditional recipes and innovative approaches. That is precisely how many Swiss brands create their sweets in the last 20 or 30 years. Science also has a role in this process. All findings within the industry are essential, especially when it comes to health and nutritional benefits.

Now you can have a clearer picture of why Swiss chocolate is people’s favorite in the entire world. If you are a huge fan, then don’t forget to check all these beautiful sweets that we have in our offer. At Swiss Made Direct, we have so many chocolate brands that develop high-quality Swiss made chocolate.

Santa Claus is a universal Christmas and New Year symbol all around the globe. Besides his recognizable red suit, beard, and mustache, he often carries one more important Christmas symbol – the bell. Today, we’ll share with you a story about the Bell Foundry Berger and their Swissbells, which is, believe it or not, the oldest business in Switzerland.

But let’s return to the beginning.

Santa and Bells

Most kids love the Santa story the most out of all others related to the Christmas and New Year holidays. It makes sense entirely – it’s a great story in the first place, and also, on the first mention of Santa Claus, all kids expect presents. Even though, when they get a bit older, kids stop believing in a “real” Santa Claus, they still love that story because they get something out of it. However, when they grow older, the whole Santa story becomes less and less important. Kids in puberty have other things in their minds.

But there is another Christmas symbol and motive that always has a special connotation. It doesn’t fade while you’re growing. Yes, the bells! To fully understand the importance of Berger Swissbells and how they remade the design of bells since 1730, we need to go even more back in the past – to the early days of Christianity.


Bells and Christianity

The introduction of bells into Christianity took place in the 4th and 5th centuries. It was presumably introduced during this period by the bishops Severus of Naples, Paulinus of Nola, and the worship of the church father, Hieronymus. However, the ringing as a call to prayer became known only in the 5th and 6th centuries and found more widespread use in the 8th century through wandering Irish monks. At the latest, since Pope Stephen IV in the 8th century, they became even more popular in the ecclesiastical sphere.

In the ecclesiastical context, bells had or have different functions:

  • a disgrace bell condemned to execution
  • a funeral bell for burial
  • a prayer bell to mark the beginning of church services/prayers
  • handbells that people used to mark specific places in the Christian liturgy (e.g., for ringing during the Eucharistic prayer)

Due to its spread, the bell was also given a liturgical function in the course of time, which found expression mainly in the ceremonial blessing (bell consecration) as well as through forms of anointing (bell baptism).

Also, outside the church order, the bell was useful to people for different purposes. For example, as a timer and as a storm bell that warned of approaching danger and storms.

The bell history was going pretty much in the same direction until 1730 when Berger foundry remade it. Even today, Berger Swissbells keep the same recipe as they did for generations. No wonder it’s the oldest successful business in Switzerland!

The Berger Swissbells story

Believe it or not, Bell Foundry Berger still belongs to the same family that keeps their secret recipe for all this time! In ten years, they’ll have the jubilee – 300th Anniversary! How do they manage to last so long?

There’s only one answer – the quality!

Berger keeps a sharp eye on the ingredients they use. Besides, they use the “Made in Switzerland” alloy, and they do all the creative art by hand. Plus, they make their bells in different sizes and variations. Hence, there is a rich assortment that you can explore – customer gifts, corporate gifts, souvenirs, or individually made presents. You can always find a lasting gift for your special occasion.


But there’s even more! Same as Swiss Made Direct, Bell Foundry Berger also pays close attention to the environment. For instance, they use leather for their cowbells, which makes them 100% biodegradable. For other components, they use metal – also great to recycle. It is an environmentally friendly brand at its finest.

Throughout history, people used bells as signs of peace, happiness, or protection. Today, it’s more likely that you’ll need it for your wedding, retirement, christening, house handover, corporate surrender, and many other occasions. In other words, it often is the symbol of the new phase of life. So, if you’re planning a big event soon, make it even more fabulous with an appropriate Berger Swissbell! Numerous variations suit different occasions.

Berger Swissbells at Swiss Made Direct

For the upcoming Christmas holidays, Santa’s Bell will do the trick. It’s a classic bronze bell – perfect as a Christmas or Santa Claus Day gift.

Berger Ship Bell is ideal for any party – birthday, wedding, or corporate event. It’s a fantastic gift, but you can also bring it to your own event for good luck.

The replica of the famous Canino Bell is the most suitable for christenings. The original one is in the Vatican Museum.

Finally, if you’re trying to find an authentic Swiss gift for your family member or a friend, Berger Swiss Bell with a cow fur strap is one of the best choices out there. The same applies to the gorgeous bell with a unique leather strap.


Berger Swissbells are symbols of classic Swiss quality, authenticity, and precision, which is why this company lasts for so long. The fact that their secret recipe is still actual speaks for itself about the greatness of the Bell Foundry Berger. And there’s no doubt that this family will keep impressing us in the years to come!

Explore our shop, find the Berger Swissbell that suits your event the most, and make it memorable!

With such a variety of different, beautiful products, it is tough to define the ultimate Swiss holiday gift guide. There are many represents, especially one product line that (almost) everybody likes. Yes, you got it right – Swiss sweets!

Suddenly, making the ultimate Swiss holiday gift guide becomes a lot easier when you have so many interesting sweets, including chocolate sticks, butter cookies, pralines, and many more. Christmas is coming very soon, and it is always nice to have various choices with the same purpose – to make your family members happy this holiday.

In this list, there are no good or bad choices. The list could be even broader, with absolute quality cookies like Basler Lackerli. Every sweet has its own unique taste, and it is your task to find the best one for your kids, partner, and parents. Who knows their taste better than you?

Therefore, let’s take a look at the most exciting Swiss sweets for the upcoming holiday. We present you with the ultimate Swiss holiday gift guide.

Favarger Chocolate Fondue Set

A Favarger chocolate fondue set is a suitable accompaniment to fruit. However, it is equally delicious in combination with other sweets such as Marshmallow or the crunchiness of a meringue. The beauty of aromas makes Favarger chocolate fondue set so strong and tasty. In addition, the voluptuous texture provides even more style to this set. Favarger chocolate fondue set may contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds, dairy products, pistachios, and walnuts.


Frey Mahony Dark Chocolate 55%

Frey Mahony is the combination of the finest Swiss chocolate and honey-almond nougat. Hence, every piece of this beautiful dark chocolate offers a unique experience. Frey Mahony dark chocolate is distinctive chocolate, and therefore, it needs a distinctive shape. Keep it dry and away from heat.


Frey Confiseur Chocolate Pralines

Experience overwhelming, sweet moments with the delicious Frey Confiseur chocolate pralines. A stunning taste will make everyone happy this Christmas. Therefore, both children and adults will absolutely love them! A carefully selected collection for incomparable enjoyment is ideal as a gift with a Christmas envelope. Hence, bring the sweet magic to your holidays with the taste of authentic Swiss chocolate.


Lindt Orange Chocolate Sticks

Lindt Orange Chocolate Sticks are the true specialty for all chocolate, orange, and liqueur fans. A high-quality orange liqueur in combination with the finest Lindt chocolate represents a unique experience even beyond the classic chocolate. Therefore, these sticks can offer something that many other chocolates can’t. The original Lindt Orange Chocolate Sticks are pure pleasure for all sweet lovers and connoisseurs.


Cailler Plaisirs Gourmands Chocolate

Cailler Plaisirs Gourmands are divine chocolate bars that excite with every bite. This Cailler chocolate line will surprise your taste buds with sweet nibbles of secret treasures. Therefore, it’s a perfect way to treat yourself after that long work day. For generations, the Cailler brand has created irresistible chocolate products and contributed to the world-renowned reputation of Swiss chocolate.


Kambly Butter Cookies

Delicate and wafer-thin, Kambly Butter Cookies deliver a delicious taste. Fresh butter, fresh cream, and fine almonds guarantee impeccable taste. Light and elegant as they are, Kambly Butter Cookies will make happy every true cookie lover. Hence, it is ideal for people who know how to differentiate the best from the rest. All Kambly products contain special natural ingredients. Hence, with the help of excellent recipes, Kambly came out with a unique style while also meeting all requirements.


Do you love Goldfish snacks? If so, you’re lucky! At Swiss Made Direct, we have the best Swiss Original Goldfish Crackers!

They are tasty, delicious, and fun. It can be a great companion for getting together or ideal for snack time.

The origin of Goldfish snacks

The origin country of Goldfish snacks is Switzerland. In the early 1900s, a man named Julius Maggi invented a process of extrusion cooking. This process helped create the original Goldfish cracker.

The original Goldfish cracker contained wheat flour, cheese, and vegetable oil. This combination of ingredients makes for a tasty, delicious, and fun snack. It quickly became a popular snack in Switzerland. In the 1950s, Goldfish crackers were introduced to the United States and have been a popular snack ever since.

Why are Swiss Original Goldfish Crackers so unique?

Swiss Original Goldfish Crackers contain high-quality ingredients, like many pink snacks or chocolate snacks.

Being a food product from Switzerland is also a huge advantage. Our country has a long history of making high-quality snacks. In fact, Switzerland food is famous worldwide for its high quality.

Kambly Original Goldfish Crackers, why it’s unique?

The Kambly Goldfish crackers contain the best Swiss ingredients. The gold color is unique and eye-catching. So, grab a handful of these delicious fish-shaped Swiss savories and make your moment special. The crispy, cheesy Goldfish snacks are addictively tasty & delicious! The crackers produced by Swiss brand Kambly come in many flavors as well.

swiss-original-goldfish-crackers Kambly Original Mini Goldfish Crackers
  • Authentic goldfish are baked, not fried. Hence, they are craved by health-conscious people compared to classic crackers.
  • The crackers come without artificial flavors, food dyes, or chemical flavor enhancers.
  • The Swiss goldfish cracker is tasty and ideal for snack time. It is produced by following the highest standards & using handpicked ingredients.
  • Kambly’s goldfish cracker comes in a small, easy-to-carry package—ideal for carrying around on your outdoor adventure.

What’s the difference between Kambly & Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Original Crackers?

There’s almost no difference between these two. The only difference is that Pepperidge Farm is an American brand name, and Kambly is Swiss. Hence, the product is the same.

You maybe even heard the quote “the snack that smiles back.” It’s about Goldfish Original Crackers.

People from all over the world are enjoying Swiss original goldfish crackers! Become one of them!

On Black Friday, stores throw discounts around like there’s no tomorrow. And quite often, these discounts do more harm to retailers and consumers than good and damage the environment. We’ll explain this thoroughly in this article. Swiss Made Direct, as a consumer and climate-oriented business, is always against manipulations of any kind, and that’s why we do not celebrate Black Friday.

Resistance to the increasingly established Black Friday is growing from year to year. A good example is Sweden’s “White Monday,” where people set a sign against overconsumption.

The bargain days definitely have a dark side; we want to reveal it for you in five points.

You don’t actually save that much (or nothing at all)

Dizzying discounts tempt many consumers to make an ill-considered purchase. The percentages are often merely artificially inflated, with retailers referring to a manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Because the lower prices tempt many people to make impulse purchases, they end up saving nothing. Most of the time, the opposite is true. Those who spend money unplanned on things they don’t need don’t save any money.

It’s a kind of manipulation

On Black Friday, participating companies’ marketing departments deliberately stir fear. The fear of missing out – “FOMO” in English, means that it entices consumers to buy something because it might not be available soon (or at least not at such a low price).


Specifically, they use this trick with notices such as “only 5 left” or “10 people are looking at this offer right now.” Another measure from the sales psychology bag of tricks is luminous colors or the deliberate placement of a bargain next to expensive products.

The enemy of the environment

The way our society consumes today is a major driver of climate change. Greenpeace calls Black Friday a “black day for the environment” for a good reason.

After all, if everything that is broken is bought new instead of being repaired on these bargain days, the climate is further fuelled as a result. Instead of an environmentally friendly circular economy, Black Friday continues to fuel the problematic linear economy.

Buying clothes and electronics, in particular, harms our environment – because of the long transport routes or because manufacturing processes and required raw materials are not sustainable. In addition, the fact that people order online on Black Friday and return in large numbers causes further emissions.

For the sake of the people

The run-up to Christmas means pure stress for many retail employees:

  • Longer working days.
  • Stores that are also open on Sundays.
  • Even more customers than usual to serve and advise.

This affects not only sales assistants but also logisticians and couriers.

In addition, low prices often go together with unfair working conditions in the country of manufacture. Child labor, low wages, and poor social benefits make it possible for retailers to offer Black Friday deals in the first place.

Because smaller companies suffer

Consumers, employees, stores, and online stores are under enormous pressure during the bargain days and weeks in November. Therefore, it is vital for them to remain competitive, especially in the sales-relevant months of November and December.

Friends in autumn shopping on black friday in the city, enjoying the offers

When all the big retailers offer rock-bottom prices, small and medium-sized businesses must follow suit to get their goods to customers. And this is even though it is often not financially worthwhile for them because they cannot procure the goods at the same conditions, according to the Swiss Retail Federation. In contrast to smaller and medium-sized retailers, retail giants can negotiate special conditions with their suppliers in the run-up to Black Friday and thus often get their goods at heavily discounted prices.


We hopefully made it very clear why we do not celebrate Black Friday. Our customers and environment are always our number one priority. And it will always be that way.

Cosmetics are a huge part of our daily life. First of all, it is a need that none of us should ignore. We must feel good in our bodies. It affects all our everyday activities. When our body is smooth, it’s much easier to do other things correctly. Therefore, it is essential to secure the best treatment for our skin. And if you were wondering how to accomplish that goal, don’t worry. We are about to present you with the best products out there! Swiss cosmetics brands are the solution you were searching for.

The first thing you should know about Swiss beauty products is that they are rich in natural ingredients. Skin is extremely significant for good health because it protects the rest of our body from germs and infectious agents. It needs to be healthy! Hence, treating the skin with the best natural ingredients is essential.    

Furthermore, Swiss skin care products are also scientifically proven. Each of them uses specific Swiss made formulas. Combined with raw materials, they guarantee top quality and unique content. Hence, products based on these formulas will keep your skin glowing and beautiful, whatever your age is. Furthermore, they will regenerate and protect the skin from the earth’s harsh elements and maintain its integrity. High-performance cosmetics at their best!

Let’s go through and see the best Swiss beauty products to fit your needs!

Face and Body Care

Very sunny and hot days are coming very soon, and you should prepare yourself for the summer holidays and relaxing hours on the beach. Daylong sun care products will be your best friends during that period! They offer UV protection for all skin types and will nourish your skin even after sunbathing. Furthermore, these lotions are water-resistant in both saltwater and freshwater. Staying a long time in the sun is dangerous, but you shouldn’t worry about it anymore!

Fenjal skin care products are well-known for their plant oil formula. The secret behind it is the innovative combination of nurturing grapeseed oil and replenishing ingredients that enrich and protect the skin’s delicate lipid layer. Furthermore, it lasts up to eight hours. The brand range now includes soaps, bath oils, body lotions, shower oils, and other skincare products.


Baby care

Most importantly, these Swiss skincare brands were also thinking about babies. Soothing and moisturizing ingredients will ideally respond to the needs of sensitive baby skin.

Oral care

We all know how important dental care is. It includes regular teeth brushing and the appropriate toothbrush, toothpaste and tooth gels, and fluids if needed. And Swiss oral care brands just perfectly fit all of your needs.

Curodont tooth gels represent the real revolution in the dental care field. Based on award-winning, innovative Curolox technology, they are tested multiple times. Nowadays, these are the best products for teeth regeneration and protection in the whole dental industry. Dentists should use them during treatments, but you can also use them at home. Besides recovery, their main qualities are curing carious lesions and teeth desensitizing. Each Curodont product has a particular purpose, and some of them will fit your specific dental needs.


Furthermore, we have the latest, fresh addition to Curodont dental treatments! Candida Protect Professional is the first toothpaste that also uses revolutionary Curodont technology! Its specialty is protection from acid and teeth desensitizing.

Besides that, Candida has plenty of other toothpaste and toothbrushes! All of them are on the very top of dental health and wellness. Consequently, researchers and experts on oral care were also working on these products. But that’s not all! This Swiss dental brand also offers various dental fluids with healing effects. It will help you defend yourself from tooth decay.

I hope we managed to give you a wider look at Swiss cosmetics brands and why they are so unique and innovative. Beauty, skin, and dental care should always be the highest priority. These products are made to please the most refined tastes and needs.

Halloween is a specific holiday, so it is tough for people to choose between the best Halloween gift ideas from Switzerland. Why is it so specific? Because people often have strong opinions about it. Most of them adore it. However, there is also a group of people who don’t prefer this holiday but still want to go to the party because of their friends or sympathies.

Either way, everyone who wants to be part of this holiday should think about an appropriate present for their beloved ones – a partner, sympathy, or dear friends. And there comes the ultimate question – what is the most suitable present for such a unique holiday?

This year, we feel that the best Halloween gift ideas from Switzerland are sweets. Swiss chocolate is well-known throughout the world as a synonym for great taste and quality. A person you want to make happy will definitely be delighted with such a carefully chosen present.

Every sweet sensation we’re going to present in this article has its own story. And each of them has its advantages over the others. Every chocolate lover has a refined taste. So, before you make a final decision, consider the affinities of a person you want to make happy this Halloween.

Enough talking – let’s get into the world of the greatest Halloween gift ideas from Switzerland!

Lindt Assortment of Chocolates

You can enjoy relaxing moments with the finest Lindt chocolate. Here are selected the most popular recipes in a convenient size for you. Whether for road or coffee, Neapolitans by Lindt are suitable to lead any moment to the heavenly break. Fine milk chocolate is Lindt’s heart; therefore, it is super inspiring for lovers.


Cailler Assorted Napolitains Chocolate

Cailler assorted Neapolitans are mini chocolate squares of the finest Swiss chocolate. Bring a little sweetness to your coffee break with the highest quality Cailler Neapolitans. Dedicated to quality since 1819, Cailler is one of Switzerland’s oldest and best-known chocolate brands. Therefore, they make their products stand out by focusing on tradition, excellent ingredients, and an innovative manufacturing process.


Cailler Swiss Art Pralines

Two traditions, two passions, a delicately melting happiness. Cailler Swiss Art pralines combine the noble ingredients, the familiar landscapes, and the savoir-faire of Switzerland. A pleasure for the eye and a treat for those who love chocolate in its refined form. The finest Swiss milk makes Cailler chocolate meltingly smooth. What also makes Cailler Pralines so cool is the innovative approach. Therefore, Cailler house always takes care of the new ways of making chocolate while also respecting the old well-known Swiss recipes.


Kambly Biscuit With Cailler Hazelnut Chocolate

Enjoy the wonderful combination of Cailler hazelnut chocolate and magnificent Kambly biscuit! It is a classic Swiss pastry with milk chocolate. Hence, these two beauties are merging into super double-quality Petit Beurre. Also, Cailler chocolate has already stood a massive test of time. Chocolate lovers who enjoy true quality will love this combination of Kambly biscuit and beautiful Cailler hazelnut chocolate.


Toblerone Jumbo

The Chocolate Toblerone Jumbo Bar is the largest Toblerone bar in production. Weighing a massive 4.5 kg, this giant Toblerone bar is the best way to reward yourself or a loved one! Nevertheless, the taste of the classic Toblerone we all know and love remains untouched. Made from creamy Swiss milk chocolate, along with honey and almond nougat, this Toblerone bar would make an ideal gift for any Toblerone lover.


Toblerone Mousse

The Toblerone mousse mix is pure seduction in a bag! It’s a soluble chocolate mousse dessert with 60% Toblerone! All you need to do is add cold milk and whipped cream; hence, your Toblerone dessert is ready. Whether you are a fan of classic Toblerone or the white chocolate Toblerone, we have the perfect solution for you. The finest Toblerone chocolate powder and chocolate pieces will therefore give you an amazing result every time.


Ovomaltine Chocolate Powder

Have a sweet cup of the Swiss cult drink with the Ovomaltine chocolate powder! For nearly 150 years, this chocolate malt powder has been a go-to energy source for the Swiss. Not only is it enriched with 13 vitamins, but also with calcium, magnesium, and iron. Hence, it’s the perfect healthful enjoyment for the whole family!

Looking for the best Swiss Coffee online? You’ve reached the correct address!

Swiss-made products are well known for adhering to strict quality standards. And Swiss coffee is no exception.

We will talk more about three unique coffees in our shop – Ristretto Coffee, Nescafe Gold, and Nescafe Instant Coffee.

Let’s dive in!

Ristretto Coffee

Get a powerful coffee experience at home with Cafe Royal Ristretto Coffee Pods!

Cafe Royal Ristretto

These office pads are compatible with Nespresso Professional and specifically for use in your Nespresso Pro Machine.

Ristretto coffee is one of the best alternatives out there for Nespresso!

  • The highest quality
  • Sustainably produced coffee
  • Coffee comes from plantations with the Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance logo
  • Premium Swiss coffee
  • Strong flavor
  • Intense roast flavors
  • Fruity dark berries flavor

These office pods protect the coffee powder inside and its aromas. The aluminum composite foil pads keep the coffee powder inside fresh and long-lasting.

Because of the aluminum composite foil, they fit your Nespresso machine without damaging the latch-on mechanism. Independent consumer and expert tests confirm that Cafe Ristretto tastes good, forms a perfect crema, and is highly suitable for the Nespresso Coffee Machine.

You can order this fantastic Swiss coffee anytime in our store!

Nescafe Gold

Nescafe Gold de Luxe provides you with a rich coffee experience essential to start your day!

You can use this 100% pure coffee pack to make at least 110 cups of delicious coffee, just the perfect size to share with your friends or co-workers! On top of that, it’s straightforward to make – use 1 to 2 teaspoons per cup. Next, pour simmering water but not boil, and voilà! Your drink is ready, and we are sure you will love it!

Nescafe Gold De Luxe 200 g
Nescafe Gold De Luxe 200 g

Nescafe selects only the best beans for their coffee. So, before beans reach your cup, you can be sure that they have more than sufficient quality for a super delicious coffee. Moreover, each mug is produced with 100% Arabica and Robusta beans, which you will absolutely love!

So, to start your day with the right Swiss coffee taste – choose Nescafe Gold de Luxe!

Nescafe instant coffee

Nescafe instant coffee is an Italian-style solid coffee. Also, it’s a natural source of antioxidants and 100% pure coffee.

You shouldn’t choose between flavor and speed when it comes to Swiss coffee. All’Italiana’s bold taste means your caffeine addict won’t miss Gold Blend’s reliable yet milkier tones.

Nescafe Gold All Italiana 200 g
Nescafe Gold All Italiana 200 g

The Gold instant coffee All’Italiana is prominently roasted for a full and smooth taste with just enough caffeine to enhance your day without producing an unpleasant jolt or head rush.

Nescafe instant coffee is available in a variety of flavors. It can be enjoyed hot or cold. They also offer a variety of instant coffee products, including cappuccino, latte, and mocha. Instant coffee is a good choice for those who want to enjoy a cup without brewing it themselves. It is also a good choice for those who do not have time to brew a coffee.

Admir Cafes Premium Espresso Coffee Beans

Admir Cafes Premium Espresso Coffee Beans is a unique and balanced bouquet of flavors.  This blend of the best Arabicas, roasted with mastery and care, offers you a top-of-the-range blend to sublimate each of your coffee moments. This recipe required several months of research to find the perfect balance of flavors between the different beans selected.


Admir coffees are selected, elaborated, roasted, and packaged traditionally. Their know-how guarantees the freshness and quality of coffees and blends. The finesse of their roasting process allows each bean to give these coffees a unique character.

Berg Der Seelen Espresso Coffee Beans

Mount Manaslu (the mountain of souls) is the home of this supreme espresso. It is aged in an old Bordeaux barrel. 100% Arabica beans of the varieties of Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra make up its rare nature. It is pure and full of quality, as not many pests survive the growing altitude.


Fermenting the coffee cherries with ice-cold Himalayan meltwater gives it its fruity notes without losing its gentle sweetness. Coffee cultivation provides small farmers from Nepal with independence and income. Meaningful craftsmanship over generations in nature is so precious it is hard to imagine. Nourish yourself with this elemental force of creation.

Get Swiss coffee online

Swiss Made Direct is the single online store with authentic Swiss products and the only one where the “Swiss-made” difference is shown. Also, we became the official international representative of “Swiss Label.”

Order Swiss coffee and get the trackable, insured parcel delivered:

  • Straight to your door,
  • Wherever you are in the world,
  • Directly from Switzerland,
  • Available at a flat rate until 2kg and more.

We celebrate the Swiss National Day on August 1. It commemorates the anniversary of the Swiss Confederation in 1291.

The day is a public holiday in Switzerland, and the Swiss diaspora also celebrates it around the world. In Switzerland, it is traditional to celebrate with a picnic or BBQ, and many towns and villages hold special events such as concerts, street markets, and fairs.


A Swiss National Day history

The Swiss National Day commemorates the Old Swiss Confederacy’sConfederacy’s founding, an alliance of three cantons formed in 1291 to defend themselves against the Habsburg Empire. The Confederacy eventually grew to include eight cantons and became known as the Swiss Confederation.

In 1848, a new constitution transformed the Swiss Confederation into a federal state. The holiday has been celebrated since 1891 – the 600th anniversary of the Confederacy’s founding.

This day is not only a celebration of Switzerland’s history and culture but also a day to celebrate diversity. Switzerland is home to people from all over the world, and this diversity is one of our country’s strengths.

On Swiss National Day, we celebrate our unity in diversity and our commitment to being an open and inclusive society.


Swiss traditions on Swiss National Day

Many traditions take place on the Swiss National Day. 

  1. One of the most popular is the eating of Swiss cheese fondue. Fondue is a dish that originated in Switzerland, and it is made with melted cheese and bread.
  2. Another popular tradition is the lighting of bonfires. Bonfires are traditionally lit on mountainsides, and they are a symbol of Swiss unity.
  3. The lighting of bonfires is also a tradition in many other countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein.
  4. In some parts of Switzerland, it is a tradition to ring church bells at midnight on Swiss National Day. It symbolizes the freedom of the Swiss people.

How do we Swiss National Day?

We celebrate this day in various ways, but one of the most popular traditions is having a picnic or BBQ. Many towns and villages also hold special events such as concerts, street markets, and fairs.

In Switzerland, it is traditional to decorate houses and public spaces with Swiss flags and flowers. It is also common to see people wearing traditional Swiss clothing such as dirndls and lederhosen.

The Swiss National Day is a time for family, friends, and community. It is a day to come together and celebrate all that we have in common. It is also a day to reflect on the values that make Switzerland a great place to live.


Celebrating independence, neutrality, and multiculturalism

We value our independence and our neutrality. Switzerland is a peaceful nation relying on human rights and the rule of law. We are a country of contrasts, where different languages, cultures, and religions coexist in harmony.

On Swiss National Day, we celebrate these values and all that makes Switzerland a special place to call home.

Every true chocolate lover knows that the best Swiss chocolate brands offer outstanding quality. The Swiss produce about 150,000 tons of chocolate per year. Swiss people consume most of that chocolate, of course. Let’s be honest, the Swiss know what’s good for them.

Yet, Swiss chocolate also enjoys a remarkable reputation worldwide. That’s why we came up with our list of top 15 Swiss chocolate brands and their products you have to try! Each brand is unique and has its own advantages. But the most important thing they all have in common is the Swiss quality and finest ingredients. Continue reading to check them out and find the one you like the most.

Here are the best Swiss chocolate brands

Toblerone Brand

Toblerone is one of the most famous Swiss chocolate bars there is. It’s well-known for its long-lasting flavor and delicious taste. The name originates from the family name “Tobler” and “torrone”, the Italian word for nougat. Jean Tobler’s chocolate products were top-rated at the end of the 19th century.

Hence, in 1899 he founds with his sons the “Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie”. When his son Theodor took over in 1908, he invented a unique new chocolate: the Toblerone triangle! With its exceptional formula, the triangle chocolate bar became the best Swiss chocolate.

Toblerone ingredients are only pure Swiss milk, natural honey, and the finest raw materials. If you are a chocolate lover, you must take a bite of this Toblerone.

Although Toblerone maintains its classic taste and shape, they continue to innovate. Thus, there are white Toblerone, dark chocolate, and even crispy coconut flavors. And for true Toblerone lovers, there is a giant Toblerone bar that contains 4,5kg of chocolate!


Cailler brand

Cailler is Switzerland’s is one of the oldest Swiss Chocolate Brands in existence. Francois-Louis Cailler founded the company in his hometown of Vevey. Since 1820 they produce the highest quality chocolate products. Consequently, the company is one of the most renowned Swiss chocolate brands today.

Discover chocolate bars, pralines, and branches in a variety of rich flavors. Try this Cailler chocolate and you will understand why Swiss chocolate is truly the best in the world! You will experience an unforgettable creamy texture and rich flavor!

Lindt brand

Lindt chocolate manufacturer is a true master of this art. They have been developing and refining their unique recipes since 1845. They start with a selection of the finest raw ingredients, which they transform into exquisite creations that delight the young and old!

From creamy milk to dark chocolate, the brand continuously develops new Lindt chocolate flavors which surprise all chocolate lovers. The Swiss chocolate pioneers combine tradition with creativity to bring you the best products that money can buy. Tate the Lindt chocolate now!

Frey brand

Frey is another top-class Swiss chocolate brand, steeped in tradition since 1887. They are not as big as Toblerone, but they have a prestigious role in the Swiss chocolate scene. What started as a small company owned by brothers Robert and Max Frey has now turned into a globally known brand. The best thing is their enormous variety, with over 50 different shapes and fillings such as ganache, gianduja, cream, or praline. This Frey chocolate will definitely put a smile on your face!

Ovomaltine brand

Ovomaltine is one of the oldest and best-known branded products, not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. Consumers use it as a breakfast food and sports drink in 110 countries around the world. The story begins in 1865 in a laboratory in the old town of Bern. The chemist, Dr. Georg Wander, was looking for a solution for the then widespread problem of malnutrition. Then, he developed a malt extract, which was the basis for the iconic power food. The original recipe, which remains the same to this day, contains barley malt extract, egg, milk, and the highest quality cocoa.

Today, it is among the 20 most famous and well-known Swiss brands. Ovomaltine is sold in over a hundred countries and is very popular among consumers of all ages. In some countries, it’s known as Ovaltine.


Stella Bernrain Brand

Stella Bernrain, a high-quality Swiss Chocolate producer, laid its foundation in 1925. Chocolate Stella Bernrain transforms gourmet ideas into high-end delicious chocolate. Hence, the brand is recognized for its strict quality standards. All their products are made with exquisite ingredients, love, and certainly with the utmost care. No matter which Stella Bernrain you choose, it will leave you wanting more!

Camille Bloch Swiss Chocolate

Chocolates Camille Bloch SA is a traditional family chocolate factory that was founded in 1929. Today, it is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland and employs 180 staff. Furthermore, the company uses natural ingredients for making Torino, Ragusa, and liqueur chocolate specialties. Quality is the top Camille Bloch priority!

Camille Bloch used a mass of ground hazelnuts and whole hazelnuts to fill a bar of chocolate. He poured this mixture into successive layers and cut them into rectangular bars. Hence, the Ragusa chocolate was born.

Today, the Ragusa chocolate bar still possesses the original characteristics – the same recipe, the traditional method of manufacturing, and, of course, the same rectangular shape.

The cult chocolate bar won the hearts of Swiss consumers with its smooth praline filling, whole hazelnuts, and original rectangular shape. Most importantly, it is 100% natural!


Favarger Brand

Favarger is a Swiss chocolate-making organization established by visionary Jacques Foulquier in 1826. It is located in Versoix, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

The brand strives to deliver the most excellent experience to the consumers. Therefore, they incorporate and control strictly every part of the chocolate-making process. Everything gets checked thoroughly, from the selection to transportation of cocoa beans to the creation of original recipes.

Enjoy these delicious, creamiest, and mouthwatering Favarger chocolates with different flavors from your home! We deliver products directly from suppliers to ensure you are getting the best product you deserve.


Maestrani Chocolate Manufacture

Maestrani is a Swiss chocolate company that offers a select range of chocolate specialties. In their factory in Flawil, St. Gallen, they produce excellent chocolate and confectionery treats under the brand Minor and Munz.

Minor is all-natural chocolate. Since the brand does not add any artificial flavors or aromas to its products, all you will taste are high-quality natural ingredients. They combine creamy chocolate with Swiss milk and add roasted hazelnut chips, in addition to vanilla extract directly from the pod!

In Switzerland, every child is familiar with the name “Munz.” Hence, every child feels great with a piece of Munz chocolate in their hands. 


Let’s start with a little bit of history first. The romantic Swiss village of Gottlieben had the two most famous inhabitants. First is Queen Hortense Bonaparte, who lived at nearby Schloss Arenenberg from 1817 to 1837. Afterward, her favorite son, the later emperor of France, Louis Napoleon III, also became a lover of the mouth-watering Gottlieber wafer rolls.


For many years now, Gottlieber’s traditional mix in red, green, and blue has been popular with young and old alike and is by far their top seller.

The melt-in-your-mouth praline filling contains roasted hazelnuts and premium cocoa paste. It’s also the basis of the mocha filling, combining perfectly with the finest arabica coffee. Gianduja filling will enchant you with its delightful taste of roasted hazelnuts while enticing you with a coating of organic dark chocolate.

In a word, Gottlieber traditional mix of praline, mocha, and gianduja is the best composition you can find. There are many Swiss Chocolate Brands available out there, but this chocolate is unique. Try and see for yourself!


Läderach brand

Laederach chocolate stands for high-quality, hand-made Swiss chocolate specialties. They are known to be the hallmark of pure chocolate sensation. Moreover, the brand is also recognized to be the very best in its industry niche.

Their premium souvenir chocolate praline box is a truly unique gift, harmonious in taste and in presentation. For an exquisite chocolate experience, turn to our lovely sweet box and you will never be disappointed! Discover a pleasure for all senses!


Kagi Brand

The well-known Kagi received its name from the founder, Otto Kägi, who added and shortened the French word for wafer, “gaufrette”. Since 1958, their home was Toggenburg, using only high-quality, pure raw materials.

They follow a traditional recipe for over 50 years using pure, natural ingredients and homemade Swiss milk chocolate. 

The leader among wafer specialties – the Kagi Classic Chocolate Wafers! Since they are covered with fine Swiss chocolate, these Swiss wafers will absolutely melt in your mouth. Enjoy them during meetings, during coffee breaks, or as an afternoon snack.

Caotina brand

Caotina Swiss chocolate brand is famous for its years of experience in making the best chocolate products by adhering to strict Swiss standards. And when you try their choco powder from authentic Swiss shops like Swissmade Direct, you will definitely like the experience!

This choco powder is the perfect chocolate indulgence for the discerning connoisseur. Made with real Swiss chocolate Caotina offers the original full taste experience of drinking chocolate.


Bachmann bakery

Last but not least – Bachmann! Bachmann is the market-leading bakery in central Switzerland. For 120 years, the Bachmann company has provided bread, delicate pastries, and specialties of the very best quality. Their bakery at Lucerne produces more than 500 different fresh products every day, using recipes handed down through the generations.

What makes this brand unique compared to other Swiss Chocolate Brands? One of the most unbelievable facts is that they use 65 tonnes of chocolate every year. Besides, they make 40 different varieties of bread and 30 types of pralines every day. Furthermore, they create almost 400 wedding cakes every year! Impressive isn’t it?


To sum up, all of these brands have one thing in common: a passion for innovation and a great love of chocolate. From the cacao bean to the end product, they focus on high quality and impeccable taste. For all of these reasons, we can safely say that no matter brand you chose, their chocolate will bring instant happiness to your taste buds and soul on every single bite.

Get the best from Swiss Chocolate Brands

At Swissmade Direct, we have a vast collection of Swiss chocolate from various brands. If you want to try different Swiss chocolate, we can fulfill your needs. Browse through our online selection and order today. We’ll deliver to your doorstep!

Adventures never stop! Autumn is coming, and for some people, it is even the best season for traveling. Camping, hiking, or cycling are some of the best activities you can do in Switzerland. Therefore, getting the best Swiss backpacks and bags should be mandatory for any of those journeys. In our offer, there is a variety of different equipment, but we decided to give you our suggestions. There are multiple Wenger backpacks and Swiss Army bags, but also many other excellent choices. Here are the 12 best Swiss backpacks and bags you can shop in 2023!

Original Swiss Backpacks

Wenger Synergy Deluxe Backpack

Keep up with the most demanding of schedules with the spacious Wenger Synergy Deluxe backpack. It provides all-day comfort and superior protection with features such as the Triple Protect compartment for a 16” laptop. CaseBase stabilizing platform will keep your bag standing upright. Also, there is a SmartOrg – ultimate organizer with a large zipper opening. You have a dedicated tablet pocket and quick pocket for easy access to essentials. Finally, there is a smart charge external USB plug with a charging cord. Everything you need in one place!


Wenger WaveLength Swiss Backpack

Stylish and lovely – Wenger WaveLenght Backpack offers outstanding organization as well as dedicated laptop and tablet compartments. Mesh side pockets are there to hold a water bottle or umbrella. Also, there are pad pockets for laptops and tablets, as well as the Pass-Thru trolley strap. Most importantly, it has the essentials organizer which keeps items like cords, chargers, and business cards neat and accessible.

Wenger SkyPort Swiss Backpack

The Wenger Skyport backpack is a modern business backpack with RFID protection and shock-absorbing shoulder straps. There is a CaseBase Stabilizing Platform that keeps the bag standing upright. Also, there is one more addition – Pass-Thru grabs handle slides over the handle system of wheeled luggage for easy travel. Most importantly, this backpack has a Triple Protect 16″ laptop pocket and a bit smaller (12″) tablet pocket. One of the most useful Swiss backpacks and bags out there!


Wenger Laptop Bag: Wenger Source

This slim Wenger Source laptop bag offers perfect protection for your electronic devices and documents. Essentials organizer includes a dedicated 10″ tablet pocket with anti-scratch lining. Also, there are file compartments for document storage.


Swiss Army Exclusive Rucksack

The Swiss Army Exclusive Rucksack or Swiss army backpack is made of an old army wool blanket. Hence, it is dimensionally stable and waterproof. From the outside, it has an inner compartment at the front, which is accessible through a zipper that is 22 cm long. The compartment design of the Swiss Army Rucksack is very generous. In the interior, there are still various internal pockets. One of the most original Swiss army backpacks you can imagine!


Swiss Bags

Swiss Army Sporty Travel Bag

The Swiss Army sporty travel bag is an elegant sport and travel bag made of an old Swiss army wool blanket and inside out of truck tarpaulin. Thus, the travel bag is dimensionally stable and waterproof. It also corresponds to the size that can be taken as hand luggage on the plane. One of the most original of all Swiss backpacks and bags in our offer.


Swiss Army Shopper Bag

Swiss Army shopper bag is made of old Swiss Army blanket and out of truck tarp decorated. Therefore, it is dimensionally stable and waterproof. It is very robust and has access from the inside compartment (about 19 x 19 cm) which can be locked with Velcro.

Swiss Army Necessaire Bag

Swiss Army necessaire bag is made from old Swiss army rug (outside) and from truck tarpaulin (inside). The bag is handmade in Switzerland. There is an all-around zipper, which makes the necessaire particularly easy to open. The strap is made of webbing.

Ethno Line Toiletry Bag

Ethno Line toiletry bag is made in Switzerland by hand. There is a large transparent utensil compartment with zipping, mesh pocket with zipping, double zip pocket RV. Also, it has an external back pocket with zip and a hook for hanging. The strap is made of webbing. And, of course, Velcro is always there.

Elegance Swiss Army Travel Bag

The outside dimensions of this bag are about 50 cm long and 23 cm wide, and the maximum height is about 35 cm. It has short, ergonomically shaped straps and a long, adjustable carrying strap with a comfortable carrying pad. The long strap is also removable by carabiners. At the top center is a long zipper, through which you can fill up the bag comfortably.


Swiss Army Cross Body Bag

The side cross-pocket medium is a bag for him and her. On the inside back wall, there is a special, variable separation compartment, which has an A4 cross-section block in it. On the outside, there is again an assortment for a mobile phone, three pens, and three different flat compartments. Between this compartment and the outer inner wall, there is still room for some writing utensils, books, or other utensils.

Swiss Army Document Case

The Swiss Army document case is a wonderful folder that can hold almost the entire office stuff.  This folder is made of an old Swiss Army rug as well as the truck tarpaulin. The Swiss Army writing folder Deluxe is doubly composed and inside each plastic, there is a plate incorporated, which gives additional stability.


Father’s Day is coming very soon, and it sometimes seems this holiday is in the shadow of others, which is unfair! It lacks significance like Easter or Christmas, and there is no such passion as for Valentine’s Day. Also, it is not as popular as Mother’s Day throughout the world. This doesn’t seem right at all, and this year is the perfect moment to change our approach to this awesome day!

Why is it important to celebrate Father’s Day?

Well, the father, as one of the key figures in our lives, is someone who was always there for us. He taught us everything! From basic, childhood things to some random, cool stuff which are also more than welcome.

He brought you to watch the football game live for the first time. The same applies to the music concert or the cinema. Also, you went fishing or hiking together. He taught you how to ride a bicycle. The first time you felt the seawater was with him. Father bought your first ice cream. He was playing games with you but was also helping you with the homework if it is necessary. He was there to hug you when you were crying. And when you were growing up, he was there to teach you all the life lessons, regardless of the situation. The best life coach you’re ever going to have! And most importantly, all mentioned things he did because he loves you more than anyone and anything else.


But, how to prepare a memorable Father’s Day?

You already know your father’s passion and what he likes the most is. However, in case you are wondering how to surprise him, we’ve decided to suggest some ideas about how to entertain him and make him feel great for the upcoming Father’s Day.

If your father is a movie fan, you can watch together his favorite movie as you did years ago. It will evoke some old memories when you were spending much more time together. Also, he will notice that you were thinking about him and that you remember the good old times. However, if he prefers to watch new things, you can go to the cinema and enjoy some of the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Also, you can prepare his favorite meal for dinner. And if he was the one who taught you how to make it back in the days, then it is undoubtedly the right thing to do! Ask your mother, brother, or sister to help you, and then eat together. His heart will be full of sweetest emotions. But, if you’re not that great of a cook, you can always go to the restaurant and order some good wine together with his favorite dish.

The picnic is always a good idea, too! Especially if he likes spending time in nature, fishing, hiking or hunting. You probably remember last time you were together cooking meat outside. Make it look like he did it for you back in the days. Go along with other members of the family and prepare everything he likes. If it seems like a good idea to you, but you wonder how to do it, here you have some of our suggestions.


And finally, the only thing remaining is to think about the present! We’ve already mentioned that the father is one of the key persons in everyone’s life. Therefore, you should glad him with the best gift he can think of, with something he wants the most and what has the infinite value. And you know there’s nothing better than the high-quality Swiss made gifts!

What have famous people said about a father?

In the end, let’s see some of the nicest quotes and thoughts about the key figure in our family.

It is a wise father that knows his own child. – William Shakespeare

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. – George Herbert

The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get. – Tim Russert

My father gave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future. – Liza Minnelli

No man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much. – Hedy Lamarr


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